District 11 Masters Sailors In Florida

This past week was masters week in Florida.  There were three 2-day masters events held over 8 days at 3 locations in Florida.

A number of our District 11 Sailors were competing. Here’s a recap of how they did:

Florida Masters Championship
February 7-8
Palm Beach Sailing Club & Royal Turkey Yacht Club
73 Boats

12 Alden Shattuck (SSA)
16 Bob Tan (SSA)
20 Ben Dupont
21 Ted Morgan (SSA)
35 Karen Long (SSA)
37 Mike Miller (FBYC)


Masters Midweek Madness

February 10-11
US Sailing Center in Jensen Beach FL
55 Boats

11 Ted Morgan (SSA)
12 Bob Tan (SSA)
29 Karen Long (SSA)
43 Mike Miller (FBYC)

2009 Laser Masters Midwinters
February 13-15
Sarasota Sailing Squadron
83 Boats

7 Alden Shattuck (SSA)
15 Bob Tan (SSA)
22 Mike Miller (FBYC)


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