2009 District 11 Series Results

Results are in from the 2009 District 11 Series.  Congratulations to Bob Tan (SSA) who won the Standard Rig and Josh Dragon (BCSC) who won the Radials.  Samuel Dobbs wins the road warrier trophy by attending all 6 events by sailing one rig or another.

For the standard rig we had 98 sailors take part in at least one of the 6 series events.  That’s a 15-boat increase over last year.  We had 8 sailors qualify for scoring (5 last year). Karen Long (SSA) was first woman.

  1. Bob Tan (SSA) 70 points
  2. Nicholas Place (CRYC) 64 points
  3. RJ Bay (WRSC) 52 points
  4. Samuel Dobbs (PRSA) 46 points
  5. Quinn Tobin (SSA) 42 points
  6. Roger LInk (WRSC) 31 points
  7. Jerry Smith 25 points
  8. David Sliom (SSA) 25 points

In the Radial fleet we had 34 sailors attend at least one event.  That’s over twice as many as we had the year prior (14).

  1. Josh Dragon (BCSC) 14 points
  2. Matthew Schofield (TAYC) 13 points

Congratulations to everyone who participated!  Good luck in 2010!

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