2010 Annual District Meeting Minutes

Meeting Brought to Order at 7:04pm on August 28, 2010 at Corsica River Yacht Club.

25 district members were in attendance.

Jon Proposed having the 2011 District 11 Championship at Fishing Bay Yacht Club in May or June next year. It would be combined with the US Sailing Singlehanded Championship Area C Elimination. Motion Seconded. Jon will be event chair and will work with FBYC on selecting a date.

Jon volunteered to serve another year as district secretary. Motion seconded.

There was a discussion about the District Series. It was not announced this year and nobody asked about it. In past years 7-9 sailors qualified, Jon won it two of the years. We discussed the difference between this district and other districts where it is more successful. We also talked about how it competes with CBYRA high-point scoring. We decided to continue the district series for this year as it was presented to the fleet captains at the beginning of the year. Next year we would do something to recognize the sailor that attended the most events, and we would do more to promote the CBYRA high point series.

Meeting adjourned at 7:09

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