The Laser Sailor – Winter 2011 Edition is in the Mail

The winter 2011 edition of The Laser Sailor arrived in most mailboxes last week.  The class newsletter is filled with news from the district level up to the world level.  Want to be sure you get this edition and every other copy of The Laser Sailor this year?  Join the Laser Class or renew your membership and you’ll be sent one right away.

The Latest edition of The Laser Sailor features:

  • New rules that went into effect January 1, 2011
  • Rule interpretations with pictures regarding certain facets of boat setup
  • Article on Regatta PR: How to maximize exposure without breaking the bank
  • Complete 2010 Grand Prix rankings as of December 1
  • A great article with pictures on proper hiking by Ryan Minth
  • Advertisements from everything from parts retailers to coaches looking to provide you everything you need to sail this year

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