CBYRA 2010 High Point Awards

CBYRA gave out their high point awards for the 2010 season last weekend.  Congratulations to the winners!

Open Laser Standard:

  1. Brady White (SSA)
  2. David Schoene (SSA)
  3. Matthew Schofield (SSA/AYC)
  4. Jon Deutsch (FBYC)

Open Laser Radial*

  1. Matthew Schofield (SSA/AYC)
  2. Harrison Hawk (AYC)
  3. Brian Bay (WRSC)

Junior Laser Radial

  1. Alex Jacob (FBYC)
  2. Ben Buhl (FBYC)
  3. Austin Powers (FBYC)
  4. Nicole Hause (TAYC)
  5. Jeremy Herrin (SYSP/FBYC)
  6. Madeleine Alderman (FBYC)
  7. Matt Schofield (AYC)
  8. Michael Dufour (TAYC)
  9. Sammy Stagg (AYC)
  10. Josh Dragon (BCSC)

Junior Girls Radial:

  1. Nicole Hause (TAYC)
  2. Madeleine Alderman (FBYC)
  3. Mary Peyton Sanford (FBYC)
  4. Kate Ranney (RHYC)
  5. McKay Hannah (HYC/FBYC)

*This is not yet an official CBYRA award class, but had awards been given out, here’s who they would have gone to.

UPDATE 3/11: Revised Junior Radial results and added junior girls radial results.

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