SSA Frostbite Results: January 8

15 January felt like the first real day of winter. I was very concerned as my hand grew numb on the first beat of the first race. I took off the gardening gloves and luckily the wind slowed, and I had my feeling back.

This day was very shifty and puffy – 5-12 knots from the West to Northwest. Some of the things I thought I did right were keeping an eye upwind to look for shifts and were the breeze was going to come from. This was key. Also, before the starts the wind would shift in the last minute & thirty and give rise to work down the line and start near the pin.

If I had better leeward legs than most, it felt like I was in tune with the breeze. I played my vang a lot and drove low when I felt I had pressure, I trimmed in when the wind shifted significantly, and I tried to keep constant heel… without flipping – I was successful.

It was a really enjoyable and competitive day. Thanks to all for the camaraderie and great race committee keeping things moving… and certainly Steve for opening his house for the fleet party night before.

-Gavin O’Hare

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