CBYRA 2011 High Point Awards

CBYRA has announced their high point winners for the 2011 season:


  1. Brady White (SSA)
  2. David Schoene (SSA)
  3. Jon Deutsch (FBYC)

Laser Radial (Open)*

  1. Matthew Schofield (SSA)
  2. Phillip Schofield (SSA)
  3. Andrew Schoene (SSA)

Junior Laser Radial

  1. Jeremy Herrin (FBYC)
  2. Ben Buhl (FBYC)
  3. Matt Schofield (SSA)
  4. Zach Hill (FBYC)
  5. Austin Powers (FBYC)
  6. Conrad Roos (FBYC)
  7. Read Beigel (AYC)
  8. Graeme Alderman (FBYC)
  9. Josh Dragon (BCSC)
  10. Gray Kiger (NYCC)

Junior Girls Radial

  1. McKay Hanna (HYC)
  2. Sarah Streater (NYCC)
  3. Hannah Schmidt (MRYC)
  4. Kate Raney (RHYC)
  5. Sarah Raney (RHYC)

*This is not yet an official CBYRA award class, but had awards been given out, here’s who they would have gone to.

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