Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters NOR/Registration

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The 2013 Chesapeake Bay Lasers Masters regatta is coming up on September 7-8 and we would like to invite you to come sail with us.  This event is a must-do event for any Laser Masters (age 35+) sailor and why not make this the year you come sail with us!

This year the masters event is at a new September date (to make way for Masters NA’s in October on our regular date).  In fact – we might even still have the pool open!

And not only is FBYC home to one of the best sailing sites on the Chesapeake Bay – it’s also known for one of the best regatta dinners.  Chef Alain Vincey has a crabcake feast planned. Add in the breakfast, snacks on the water, plenty of room to rig, easy beach launching, on-site camping or nearby B&B’s and you’ll see why sailors from all over the mid-Atlantic and beyond come year after year.  Make the trip.  Be part of the tradition. You’ll be glad you came!

Notice of Race | Online Registration

Wondering what it’s like?  Watch this video from last year:

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