CBYRA Publishes 2016 Junior Regattas

CBYRACBYRA has published the 2016 Junior Regatta schedule.  Ranging from single day events to large 2-day events – there’s something for all juniors and most events should have Radials and Standards – although check with event organizers.  The largest that will surely have at least one class of Laser have been added to the D11 calendar.

A number of the events are packed into a 3 week period allowing maximum opportunities to compete before the longer distance travel events in late July.

  • 6/25-26 VA Commonwealth Cup FBYC
  • 6/28 West River Junior Regatta
  • 7/6 Sandy MacVickar Junior SSA
  • 7/7 AYC Annual Junior Regatta
  • 7/8 MD State Championship Baltimore Co Sc
  • 7/13-14 US Sailing Junior Olympics Lewes YC

CBYRA High Point events

Note there are a few events that are not strictly Junior events.  Some like FBYC and Oxford Annual regattas in August will have combined Junior and Adult fleets.  Others like the VA Governors Cup at Ware River will have separate junior and adult courses with separate racing.


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