District 11 Championship and Sunshine Open

The Sunshine Open Regatta is coming up fast.  This regatta is also the District 11 Championship and the first regatta for SSA with the new Laser sails.  Registration is up on the severnsailing.org website and this coming Friday the 15th is not only the Tax deadline, but the deadline to avoid the late registration fee.  The reason I do this is so I can have a good handle on T-shirts and dinners.  So, make sure to register and pay before the 15th.  We have a great party lined up for Saturday night with fine Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes for dinner, a great band and a keg.  What better way to kick off the season?
We had a great Frostbite season this winter.  One of the best turnouts I’ve seen.  I still have a few Frostbite glasses to pass out to those of you who qualified by sailing in at least half of the days.  I know who you are and I will be down at SSA this Saturday celebrating opening day.  I’ll have the Frostbite glasses with me so track me down and get yours.

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