2016 Deep Creek Laser Invitational Results

They gave us 9 nice long races. 5 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday.

The sailing was very challenging (in a good way). As Len put it, it was all about changing  gears as the wind picked up and died off and the waves from motorboats came and went and as the wind curved around the point and through the slot.

Len sailed great and placed second, only one point out of first. Tom Hutton also sailed great finishing 7th. The rest of us had our moments of glory and infamy. For example, I finished 13th but had a 2nd in one race!

The air was comfortable and the partly cloudy sky kept the sun from beating on us to much. The club put on a Carribean dinner on Saturday night and neighbor Jack let us all camp on his lawn. Plus, he built us a bon fire and showed us how to play Petangue, a french game something like bocce. – Nabeel Alsalam


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