2020 NYCC Spring Regatta Results

Starting line on Saturday – by Scott Norman

If you weren’t theer last weekend,  you missed a good one.  Weather conditions on Saturday started off challenging to say the least.  PRO PJ and his crew did a outstanding job under trying conditions.

On shore, the club structured an environment for everyone to practice social distancing. Regatta management looked a little different because they posted all announcements online, making use of Zoom and WhatsApp to communicate updates. The large open space of the club’s parking lot and yard really allowed everyone to spread out. On the water, the regatta felt like any other Laser event – competitive and fun! Looking ahead these regattas are coming up.

The first race was started in light wind conditions,  but improved.  The next two races were sailed in steady 10 to 12 North winds.   A storm rolled through ending racing for the day. Saturday after the racing was over and boats put away there was a keg of beer for the sailors  to consume on the veranda of the Club.

Racing on Saturday as storms approached – by Scott Norman

Sunday started off with winds in the 18 to 20 mph out of the North, with gust to 25. The turnout was great with thirty six Lasers, Standard and Radials competing.  
The results can be found on the Norfolk Yacht & Country Club Web site . 

NYCC ,with the addition of the new Waterfront Director Scott Norman,  PJ Trudell,  Ben Stills ( Commodore)   Eddie Wolcott and others. The Club is making positive steps to returning to the Club of old.

Compiled from reports by Britt Drake and Scott Williamson – JD


SailorsSail NumberBoat NameClub/OrgNetTotalR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8
1Leo Boucherusa 157851NoneSevern Sailing Association79[2]1111111
2Avery Fanningusa 189793NoneNone202542223[5]25
3David Waitingusa 214620NoneSevern Sailing Association3144[13]8342464
4James Jacob175881NoneSSA / PRSA37466[9]556753
5Alex Jacobusa 194620Swedish Toboggan RideNYCC4049566[9]8348
6Alexander Hanna199157Liquor BoxHYC4366144[DNC – 23]DNC – 23272
7Scott Williamson215737NoneSSA4858[10]101065836
8Austin Powersusa 1ShaguarFBYC48598[11]739687
9Benton Amthor50005ShrimpingHYC63773312[14]13111011
10Emmett Nevelusa 170073NoneChicago Yacht Club65777[12]117101299
11Brett Chivers192033NoneMarianas Yacht Club (Guam)84107111491179[DNC – 23]DNC – 23
12Michael Colbertusa 213965NoneSSA881051413[17]1312141210
13Charlie Brewer209333NoneFBYC10212512588[DNC – 23]DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23
14Mike Mooreusa 195478Vintage NADSDiego Garcia Yacht Club114137[DNC – 23]DNC – 23DNC – 2310111311DNC – 23
15Ron Thompsonusa 158670NoneNorfolk Laser Fleet118141[DNC – 23]DNC – 23DNC – 2312410DNC – 23DNC – 23
16Peter Illusa 182850NoneHampton Yacht Club1241479716[DNC – 23]DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23
17Britt Drakeusa 204415AMFFBYC / MRYC / Laser Fleet 12136159161513[DNC – 23]DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23
18Trip Iveyusa 204771NoneNone140163171615[DNC – 23]DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23
19Chad Pattonusa 206051NoneNone1471701517[DNC – 23]DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23
20Michael Tomsusa 157851-2NoneFishing Bay Yacht Club152175[DNS – 23]DNS – 2314DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23
21Frank Patchusa TBDNONECCV161184[DNC – 23]DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23
22William TebrakeNoneNoneNone161184[DNC – 23]DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23


SailorsSail NumberBoat NameClub/OrgNetTotalR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8
1Robby Meekusa 200404NoneSSA1118[7]521111
2Natalie Burlsusa 206135NoneSSA1826[8]732222
3Reed McAllister208758NoneNone303822[8]7766
4Paul Trudellusa 215727NoneNYCC3041[11]1063344
5Sean Trudellusa 187327NoneNYCC30419[11]45435
6Kelly McMurray212125NoneOcean City Yacht Club3447[13]894553
7Henry Allgeierusa 151006NoneNorfolk Yacht and Country Club344164566[7]7
8Rebecca Schillusa 6NoneNYCC4863331188[DNC – 15]DNC – 15
9Andrew Ciszewskiusa 216725NoneFBYC5469117[DNC – 15]DNC – 15DNC – 15DNC – 15
10Henry Ciszewskiusa 166915NoneFBYC64791261[DNC – 15]DNC – 15DNC – 15DNC – 15
11Harrison Thomsonusa 151945NoneNYCC69845910[DNC – 15]DNC – 15DNC – 15DNC – 15
12Griffin Richardsonusa 189792NoneSevern Sailing Association738841212[DNC – 15]DNC – 15DNC – 15DNC – 15
13Maggie Campbell168577NoneNYCC83981013[RET – 15]DNC – 15DNC – 15DNC – 15DNC – 15
14Jack McKennausa 152496NoneHYC90105[DNC – 15]DNC – 15DNC – 15DNC – 15DNC – 15DNC – 15DNC – 15

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