2020 FBYC Laser Series Standings

Fishing Bay Yacht Club had great participation in the 2020 Laser Series with 55 total sailors taking part in either Standard or Radial racing. The standards sailed 19 races over 4 days while the radials sailed 14 races over 3 days. The 5 day series consists of one spring, 2 summer, one fall and one frostbite race days. Only the first summer race was canceled for lack of wind. To qualify for series scoring, a sailor needed to participate in 50% of the races in the series.

Radial (18 boats, 4 qualified)

  1. Andrew Ciszewski (FBYC)
  2. Reed McAllister (FBYC)
  3. Henry Ciszewski (FBYC)
  4. Josh Almany (FBYC)

Standard (33 boats, 9 qualified)

  1. James Jacob (SSA)
  2. Rob Whittemore (FBYC)
  3. Jon Deutsch (FBYC)
  4. Mike Toms (FBYC)
  5. Britt Drake (FBYC)
  6. Alain Vincey (FBYC)
  7. Frank Patch (CCV)
  8. Frank Murphy (FBYC)
  9. Ron Jenkins (FBYC)

The complete scores can be found here.

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