Apprentice Masters – Now Ages 30-44

Promo bumper sticker from ILCA North America (circa 2000).
Rumor has it that an updated bumper sticker is coming soon!

In the near future the ILCA will be formerly announcing an expansion of the Apprentice Masters age group to 30-44 years of age (from 35-44). This will be effective beginning at the 2022 ILCA Masters World Championships in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico (ILCA 7: 5/30 – 6/7/2022 & ILCA 6: 6/9 – 17/2022 – more details online.

The ILCA World Council recently approved this change with the intent to “broaden the tent” by providing the opportunity for more adult sailors to compete in our Masters World championships.

– Andy Roy, ILCA North America Regional Chairman

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