2022 Crab Claw Regatta Results

The 2022 ILCA Crab Claw Regatta drew 44 participants to Severn Sailing Association this past weekend. There were a handful of past winners in attendance, including Lauren Pollak (2008), Kim Couranz (2011, 2017, 2018) and Kelly McMurray (2021) in the ILCA-6 fleet, as well as Jim Knab (2003), Bob Tan (2007), and James Jacob (2021) in the ILCA-7 fleet. 1997 champion Alden Shattuck made a surprise shore-side visit Sunday morning to catch up with old friends!

2022 Crab Claw Saturday
2022 Crab Claw Saturday

On the racing front, the wind gods did not cooperate on Saturday. PRO Steve Podlich and his team did a great job of getting one race completed in what one might describe as a sketchy southerly breeze. Sunday turned out much nicer with the wind again coming in from the south and fluctuating in velocity throughout the day, anywhere from 5-18 knots. Once again, the race committee work was flawless; they were able squeeze in a total of 5 races.

In the 15 boat ILCA-6 fleet, Brooke Bogdan secured the win with a very consistent scorecard (4,2,2,4,3) over 5 races. Coming in second place, just 4 points behind Brooke, was Dorian Haldeman. Matt White (21 points) took home the bronze.

The ILCA-7 fleet had 29 competitors. History repeated itself with a USNA midshipman taking top honors for the 13th time in the 51 year history of this regatta. The winner this year was senior Gavin McJones. He was in complete control, winning all six races by a fairly significant margin. The Crab Claw served as a tune up for Gavin who will be competing in the Carl Van Duyne MAISA Men’s Singlehanded Championships later this fall. Coming in second place was Luke Shingledecker (21 points). Fun Fact: this year marked the 21st anniversary of Luke’s first Crab Claw regatta (2002) in which he placed 3rd. Rounding out the top three was David Waiting (29 points).

-Ted Morgan, Photos by Scott Williamson, Robin Richards and Cathee Lee


SailorsSail NumberBoat NameClub/OrgNetTotalR1R2R3R4R5R6
1Gavin McJonesUSA 210539NoneNASS66111111
2Luke ShingledeckerUSA 220399NoneSevern Sailing Association2020332435
3David WaitingUSA 214620SpringbokSevern Sailing Association2929456374
4Henry FilterUSA 206106NoneSSA3434575863
5James JacobUSA 217593NoneSevern Sailing Association363610107252
6Ted MorganUSA 210619SEAFOODSSA45451694628
7Robert RobinsonUSA 177281NoneSevern Sailing Association5252214139410
8Bob TanUSA 211596NoneSevern Sailing Association5353861010811
9Kyle SwensonUSA 190462The Most Royal TurkeySevern Sailing Association5858141387106
10Scott WilliamsonUSA 220401NoneSevern Sailing Association717171935OCS – 307
11Benjamin PedrickUSA 196077NoneSevern Sailing Association767621212131315
12Rob EmmetUSA 209698NoneSevern Sailing Association8383112311151112
13Bruce EmpeyUSA 166870Tangled Up In BlueSevern Sailing Association868618816141614
14Mark HolwegerUSA 213962NoneSevern Sailing Association88882318181199
15William LawsonUSA 220389NoneSSA969664917DNF – 30DNC – 30
16Ken ManganoUSA 196141NoneEYC9999192023121213
17Jim KnabUSA 193965NoneRehoboth Bay Sailing Assoc.102102201214221717
18Steve MadonnaUSA 191454NoneMarsh Creek Sailing Club105105221520181416
19Jonah HattUSA 180810NoneNASS1141149172416OCS – 3018
20Steven CoferUSA 214625NoneSSA1201201721172015DNC – 30
21Carlos LinaresUSA 192031SambaSevern Sailing Association128128262519211819
22Mark SanfordUSA 212622NoneMarsh Creek Sailing Club136136131122DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30
23Jeffrey MooreUSA 191967CobiaSSA/SMSA136136151615DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30
24Jacy HaffUSA 181800NoneSevern Sailing Association152152DNF – 30222119DNC – 30DNC – 30
25Edward JohnUSA 200405NoneSSA15715725242523DNF – 30DNC – 30
26Joshua RaymondUSA 80347NoneSevern Sailing Association16216212DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30
27Bryan ReichUSA 198035NoneSevern Sailing Association17417424DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30
28Dave PettyUSA 173641NoneSevern Sailing Association180180DNF – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30
29Han HerderscheeNED 180319NoneSevern Sailing Association180180DNF – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30


SailorsSail NumberBoat NameClub/OrgNetTotalR1R2R3R4R5R6
1Brooke BogdanUSA 215441NoneSevern Sailing Association151542243
2Dorian HaldemanUSA 203955Mrs CobiaSevern Sailing Association191914356
3Matt WhiteUSA 220397NoneSSA212125167
4Deniz CirivelloUSA 220376NoneSevern Sailing Association232357425
5Christopher DraperUSA 212615NoneSevern Sailing Association2929DNC – 163811
6Kelly McMurrayUSA 212125NoneOCYC2929661034
7Pam CorwinUSA 189799NoneSevern Sailing Association343438788
8Natalie BurlsUSA 206135NoneSevern Sailing Association353599692
9Lauren PollakUSA 217185NoneSevern Sailing Association4444811979
10Kim CouranzUSA 194577NoneSevern Sailing Association5454DNF – 1615DNC – 16DNC – 16
11Christine PottsUSA 216592PonySSA5757DNF – 1610111010
12MK FowlerUSA 215722Little BlueSSA6666101212DNC – 16DNC – 16
13Koralina McKennaUSA 196065Femme FataleSevern Sailing Association71717DNC – 16DNC – 16DNC – 16DNC – 16
14Christopher J YoungUSA 200585NoneSSA8080DNC – 16DNC – 16DNC – 16DNC – 16DNC – 16
15Katherine MartinUSA 182928NoneSevern Sailing Association8080DNF – 16DNC – 16DNC – 16DNC – 16DNC – 16

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