Radial Rig District Champions

District 11 History

Photo of the completed trophy.

The Laser Radial District 11 Championship trophy is awarded to the top Radial sailor of any age or gender at the District 11 Championship.  The trophy itself was built in Fall 2011 by Jon Deutsch using a relief created by Jane Waters for the original standard trophy.  The trophy is built out naturally finished Mahogany with a rope border and 43 plates.  View more pictures of the trophy or read about the build.

Year Host Winner Club Represented
1996 Not Awarded
1999 Not Awarded
2000 Not Awarded
2001 Not Awarded
2002 Not Awarded
2004 Severn Sailing Association Alex Bertrand Annapolis Yacht Club
2005 Not Awarded
2006 Fishing Bay Yacht Club Jerry Tullo MAST
2007 Severn Sailing Association Kim Couranz Severn Sailing Association
2008 Deep Creek Yacht Club Danielle Prior Susquehanna Yacht Club
2009 West River Sailing Club Dylan Finneran TRYC/GPYC
2010 Corsica River Yacht Club Gary Prieto Old Cove Yacht Club
2011 Fishing Bay Yacht Club Matthew Schofield AYC/SSA
2012 Severn Sailing Association Eric Reitinger Brant Beach Yacht Club
2013 Severn Sailing Association Jessica Bennett Deep Creek Yacht Club
2014 Tred Avon Yacht Club Connor Bayless Annapolis Yacht Club
2015 Severn Sailing Association Mike Schmidt Magothy River Sailing Club
2016 Severn Sailing Association Kim Couranz Severn Sailing Association