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Paddle Board Races at the Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship

There’s one thing that’s certain about Laser Masters sailors – it’s that they are a competitive group.  So when there wasn’t enough wind to sail at the Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship at Fishing Bay Yacht Club – what did they want to do?   PADDLE BOARD RACES!  Lucky for them the wind filled in a short time later.

Bob Tan Wins 2013 Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship

It was a great weekend for a regatta and a great regatta was held at Fishing Bay Yacht Club for 42 Laser Masters Sailors. Winning the Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship Regatta for his second time – Bob Tan from Severn Sailing Association emerged as the 2013 champion.

Saturday morning the competitors arrived to mostly clear skies and a nice 8 knot breeze out of the south. The breeze was supposed to die in the late morning, but that only happened once the sailors were sent out after postponing ashore for a bit. Upon returning to shore, Margarett Podlich and Mike Toms organized paddle board team relay races which were a big hit to kill some time.

By mid-afternoon the breeze started coming out of the east and we sailed 3 races in 7-11 knots. In the 3 races Dan Herlihy [A](FBYC) was the most consistent with a 1-3-5 to lead the day. Mike Schmidt [M](MRSA) followed in 2nd with a 3-4-7. Glen Walker [A](CYC-NC) got a bullet in the two-lap 2nd race to be top 5, while Bill Lawson [M](SSA) finished first in the 3rd race.

Saturday evening the sailors gathered around the projector to watch the replay of the America’s Cup match between Oracle and Team New Zealand that had taken place earlier in the day. That was followed by a spectacular Alain Vincey dinner of crabcakes and steak attended by 65 sailors and guests including a special guest of honor – former FBYC Laser Fleet Captain, prior event chairman, past FBYC commodore and masters sailor – David Hazlehurst.

Sunday’s forecast was for similar conditions to Saturday with the wind expected to die around 11:30. The earlier start at 10 got us a solid light-air race in the Piankatank. Gavin O’Hare [A](EYC) won the heavily contested boat end and won the right on the first beat to lead the fleet to a win in the race.

Going into the final race any of the top 5 were in contention. Unlike the first race of the day – it was the left that paid off big. Finn Hassing [GGM](ODC) was at the pin and caught a nice lefty to fetch the first weather mark in first. As the fleet made their way down the run the wind just about shut off. Progress was slow, but the fleet was able to make it to the finish of the race. Finn kept his lead for the race to take the bullet, but it was Bob Tan [M](SSA) who jumped up the leaderboard after dropping a 19th in the 3rd race to take the overall title by 4 points. Bob is now a two-time winner of the Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship having previously won the regatta in 2003.

Overall: Bob Tan (SSA)

Great Grand Master

  1. Jacques Kerrest (PRSA)
  2. Roger Link (WRSC)
  3. Finn Hassing (ODC)

Grand Master

  1. Eric Johnson (SSA)
  2. Darrell Van Hutten (DCYC)
  3. Don Hahl (BBYC)


  1. Bob Tan (SSA)
  2. Mike Schmidt (SSA)
  3. Bill Lawson (SSA)


  1. Dan Herlihy (FBYC)
  2. Gavin O’Hare (EYC)
  3. Luke Shingledecker (SSA)

The 2012 Champion – John MacCausland – was unable to be here to defend his title – he was busy winning the Star Class World Championship. We congratulated him in this video:

This regatta went incredibly smoothly and that could not have been accomplished without plenty of help. Our race committee gave us some great races and got us on an off the water at optimum times. Thanks PRO Rick Klein along with David Clark, Cathy Clark, Becky Dale, Debbie Cycotte, Ric Bauer, Sharon Bauer & Ruthanna Jenkins on the signal boat. They had John Beery, Mosby West and Roger Carver on the weather mark boat while Mike Dale and Ron Jenkins helped on the line/gate boat. Alain put on a great dinner and we want to thank the the rest of the fleet members for their help with the land program – Len Guenther, Mike Toms, Brad Squires, Frank Murphy and Dan Herlihy.

On behalf of Fishing Bay Yacht Club – we’d like to thank everyone for coming and hope you join us again next year for the 33rd Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship – most likely in October 2014.


Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters NOR/Registration

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The 2013 Chesapeake Bay Lasers Masters regatta is coming up on September 7-8 and we would like to invite you to come sail with us.  This event is a must-do event for any Laser Masters (age 35+) sailor and why not make this the year you come sail with us!

This year the masters event is at a new September date (to make way for Masters NA’s in October on our regular date).  In fact – we might even still have the pool open!

And not only is FBYC home to one of the best sailing sites on the Chesapeake Bay – it’s also known for one of the best regatta dinners.  Chef Alain Vincey has a crabcake feast planned. Add in the breakfast, snacks on the water, plenty of room to rig, easy beach launching, on-site camping or nearby B&B’s and you’ll see why sailors from all over the mid-Atlantic and beyond come year after year.  Make the trip.  Be part of the tradition. You’ll be glad you came!

Notice of Race | Online Registration

Wondering what it’s like?  Watch this video from last year: