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District Series Stop #5: Deep Creek Invitational NOR Posted

District Series Continues – Stop #5: Deep Creek Lake Laser Invitational Regatta August 18 & 19, 2007 – Fleet Captain Susan Wolffe. The 2007 District 11 Series continues Saturday August 18 & 19 with stop #5 at Deep Creek Lake Sailing Association, Inc. On site Registration starts Friday night August 17, 2007, skippers meeting at 9:30, first start is after the meeting.

Magic Marine

More thanks to Luke at Severn Sailing Association for rounding up all kinds of dinghy sailing gear by Magic Marine. He handed out a steady flow of boots, jackets, sailing shorts, hiking pants and gloves. The hiking pants were ideal for the Atlantic Ocean conditions at the US Nationals on the southern coast of North Carolina. That was some regatta. It was kinda fun grinding out the trapezoids.

See the new regatta addition in Western Maryland, Turkey Neck YC. Anybody sailing there? Be sure to bring the kayaks and mountains bikes! Its the Deep Creek Laser Invitational.

Just in from Ted about the 2005 Masters Nationals at SSA, another awesome regatta;two big dinners,wine, all the gatorade/h20 you can drink and characteristic SSA hospitality.