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D11 Masters in Florida

This week a number of District 11 Sailors were in Florida at both the Florida Masters, March 9-10 at Palm Beach Sailing Club and Masters Midwinters at the US Sailing Center Martin County March 12-15.

Bob Tan (SSA) had the best D11 finish of the weekend winning the Radial fleet at Masters Midwinters.  David Waiting (SSA) was close behind in 2nd.

Florida Masters


Standard Rig:

  • 23 James Jacob (SSA)
  • 30 Ron Thompson (HYC)
  • 33 Len Guenther (FBYC)
  • 35 Mike Moore (DGYC)
  • 36 Nabeel Alsalam (PRSA)
  • 42 Joe Hidalgo (SSA)

Radial Rig:

  • 6 Bob Tan (SSA)
  • 17 Steven Cofer (SSA)
  • 21 Keith Barron (PRSA)
  • 23 Stanton Smith (SSA)

Masters Midwinters

Results| Pictures

Standard Rig:

  • 19 Scott Williamson (SSA)
  • 43 Mike Moore (DGYC)
  • 44 James Jacob (SSA)
  • 45 Ron Thompson (HYC)
  • 47 Len Guenther (FBYC)
  • 48 Nabeel Alsalam (PRSA)
  • 50 Scott Salter (SSA)
  • 53 Edward John (SSA)
  • 54 Joe Hidalgo (SSA)

Radial Rig:

  • 1 Bob Tan (SSA)
  • 2 David Waiting (SSA)
  • 20 Natalie Burls (SSA)
  • 22 Steven Cofer (SSA)
  • 27 Keith Barron (PRSA)
  • 28 Stanton Smith (SSA)
  • 30 Victoria Gibb (GSA)

D11 Sailors at 2012 Florida Masters Week

A number of District 11 Sailors made the trip to Florida for the annual Florida Masters Week consisting of 3 regattas over a 9-day span.  Highlights include a 1st Women at Masters Midwinters by Sandy Westphal and 3rd Grand Master at LMME by Alden Shattuck.

Making all or part of the trip were: Alden Shattuck (SSA), Dorian Haldeman (SSA), Jacques Kerrest (PRSA), Len Guenther (FBYC), Ron Thompson (HRLF), Sandy Westphal (SSA)

D11 Florida Masters Week Results

A number of District 11 sailors had a good showing and a great time at Florida Masters Week.  Most sailed 3 masters events over the last 9 days.

The beginning of the week started out with the Florida Masters at Palm Beach Sailing Club.

From District 11 in the 58-boat fleet were:

  • 2 John Bertrand (AYC)
  • 23 Alden Shattuck (SSA)
  • 26 Bob Tan (SSA)
  • 33 Jacques Kerrest
  • 37 Len Guenther (FBYC)
  • 39 Adam Glass (SSA)
  • 46 Jeff Caruso (AYC/SSA)

Florida Masters Results

The middle of the week was filled with the Laser Masters Midweek Madness Regatta also at Palm Beach Sailing Club.

Most of the same District 11 suspects were present (42 boats):

  • 8 Bob Tan (SSA)
  • 25 Len Guenther (FBYC)
  • 26 Jacques Kerrest
  • 35 Adam Glass (SSA)

Laser Masters Midweek Madness Results

The week ended with the 3-day Laser Masters Midwinters East Regatta.  Those already down there for the week were joined by a few other District-11 area sailors coming down to sail this regatta, do some training during the week and then sail in the open Laser Midwinters East regatta starting on Thursday.

The regatta started out with light winds and 2 races on Friday.  A little more wind and a little more racing was done on Saturday with the 71-boat fleet getting in 3 races.  No wind on Sunday and the results stood from the day before.

  • 3 John Bertrand (AYC)
  • 18 Alden Shattuck (SSA)
  • 21 Bob Tan (SSA)
  • 23 Ted Morgan (SSA)
  • 25 Jay Vann (HYC)
  • 39 Len Guenther (FBYC)
  • 49 David Sliom (SSA)
  • 65 Adam Glass (SSA)

Laser Masters Midwinters East Results (pdf)

Winter Florida Regattas

Coming up in the next couple months are some great regattas down in Florida. Whether this is your off-season and you are looking to sail in some warmer weather, or you are in the heart of your frostbite season looking to step up to some bigger regattas, there are some great opportunities to sail in Florida.

Every year District 11 sailors make the trip to attend at least a couple of these events.

The most popular have been the Miami OCR Regatta on January 23-27. Sailors from around the world will be there to compete in the Olympic Classes as they gear up in their bids to represent their countries at the Olympics. This is a great opportunity to sail with some top-notch competition.

Florida Masters Week consists of three regattas within the span of 9 days with a day for rest and travel between them.  This is a premiere week of sailing for masters sailors over the age of 35.  The first regatta is the Florida Masters at Palm Beach Sailing Club on February 12-13.  That’s followed by Masters Midweek Madness February 15-16 also at Palm Beach Sailing Club.  The week concludes with the 3-day Masters Midwinters at Davis Island Yacht Club on February 18-20.

The final big event is Laser Midwinters East at Clearwater Yacht Club on February 24-27.

If you are planning on attending any of these events or think you might be interested, shoot me an email and I might be able to hook you up with other sailors from our area that will be there.

And if you are going to be in Florida other weekends and are looking for opportunities to race.  Half a dozen other events around the state are listed on the District 13 schedule.

D11 Florida Masters Week Recap

There were 3 events in the Florida Masters Week which concluded last week and here’s hour our District 11 sailors did:

Masters Midwinters East

  • John Bertrand finished 2nd by just one point.  He chronicled his experience at the regatta here.
  • 17 Alden Shattuck (SSA)
  • 36 Len Guenther (FBYC)
  • 58 Mark Hillman (AYC)

Complete Masters Midwinters East Results (pdf)

Masters Midweek Madness

  • 29 Len Guenther (FBYC)

Complete Masters Midweek Madness Results

Florida Masters

  • 7 Alden Shattuck (SSA)
  • 25 Len Guenther (FBYC)

Florida Masters Results

Great Job everyone!

Florida Masters Week

Florida Masters week starts this weekend.  The week features 3 different events in 8 days in sunny Florida.  Laser sailors over the age of 35 from all over the country come to race for the entire week and a number of sailors from District 11 are planning on making the trip.

The three events are:

Sailors from District 11 who are planning in making the trip:

  • Carl Robinson (HdGYC
  • Mark Hillman (AYC)
  • Len Guenther (FBYC)
  • Alden Shattuck (SSA)

District 11 Masters Sailors In Florida

This past week was masters week in Florida.  There were three 2-day masters events held over 8 days at 3 locations in Florida.

A number of our District 11 Sailors were competing. Here’s a recap of how they did:

Florida Masters Championship
February 7-8
Palm Beach Sailing Club & Royal Turkey Yacht Club
73 Boats

12 Alden Shattuck (SSA)
16 Bob Tan (SSA)
20 Ben Dupont
21 Ted Morgan (SSA)
35 Karen Long (SSA)
37 Mike Miller (FBYC)


Masters Midweek Madness

February 10-11
US Sailing Center in Jensen Beach FL
55 Boats

11 Ted Morgan (SSA)
12 Bob Tan (SSA)
29 Karen Long (SSA)
43 Mike Miller (FBYC)

2009 Laser Masters Midwinters
February 13-15
Sarasota Sailing Squadron
83 Boats

7 Alden Shattuck (SSA)
15 Bob Tan (SSA)
22 Mike Miller (FBYC)