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D11 Sailors at North American Masters

Quite a few D11 sailors were  among the 140 sailors at the New York Yacht Club last weekend for the Laser Masters North American Championship and some of them even brought home some silver.

Standard Fleet

  • Brett Morris
  • Eric Johnson (SSA)
  • Ted Morgan (SSA)
  • Michael Parramore (SSA)
  • Adam Glass (SSA)
  • Len Guenther (FBYC)
  • Kevin Cowley (PRSA)
  • James Jacob (SSA)
  • Ben duPont (NYYC)
  • Eric Petersen (PRSA)
  • George Lewis (CRYC)
  • Henry Amthor (HYC)

Radial Fleet

  • Jacques Kerrest (PRSA)
  • Dorian Haldeman (SSA) (3rd Apprentice Master)
  • Steven Cofer (SSA)
  • Margaret Podlich (SSA) (Top Female)
  • John Gebhardt (SSA)
  • Kim Couranz (SSA)  (2nd Apprentice Master)
  • Alain Vincey (FBYC)
  • Bob Tan (SSA)

New York Yacht Club: Lasers Masters North American Title Decided in Final Race

Marc Jacobi was one of the last people to officially enter the 137-boat 2013 Laser Masters North American Championships, registering for the regatta just hours before the first race. Once the racing started, however, he quickly jumped to the head of the class, winning three of the first six races.

The only sailor able to keep pace with Jacobi was Peter Shope. The two sailors went into the final race of the regatta separated by just one point, with Jacobi holding the slim lead, and the tiebreaker, should they finish with the same total score.

Shope struggled early in the final race while Jacobi (above, sail No. 194582) found himself comfortably ensconced in the top few boats. On the second beat, with nothing to lose—third overall was quite a ways back—Shope rolled the dice.

14 District 11 sailors among 95 at NA Masters

Fourteen District 11 sailors made the trip to Wrightsville Beach North Carolina for the North American Laser Masters Championship. The sailors braved big wind and waves to get in 6 races over 3 days. Mike Schmidt (MRSA) had two top 10 finishes to be the top-placing District 11 finisher.

16 Mike Schmidt (MRSA)
23 James Jacob (FBYC)
31 Bob Tan (SSA)
37 Ted Morgan (SSA)
38 Ray Wulff
49 Robert Creighton
51 Tip Clifton (SSA)
52 Ron Thompson
54 Chris Bowne
60 Mike Miller (FBYC)
74 Trevor Richards
77 Rich Parolski (RHYC)
79 Alain Vincey (FBYC)
84 David Sliom (SSA)

Complete Results

North American Masters

This weekend the Masters North American Championship will be taking place in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina – May 15-17. A large contingent of District 11 sailors are planning on attending. More information including results can be found on the event website.

District 11 Sailors who are registered:
Chris Bowne
Tip Clifton
Robert Creighton
Mike Miller
Ted Morgan
Rich Parolski
Trevor Richards
Mike Schmidt
David Sliom
Bob Tan
Ron Thompson
Ray Wulff