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2021 ILCA Nationals Photos

Radials at ILCA Nationals – photo by Paul Almany

Paul Almany has shared a collection of photos he took of the ILCA Nationals in Norfolk. Paul asks if anyone publishes or shares them outside of the Google Album to be sure to credit him as the photographer.

Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/wv1ySbZDyHrWYPbX9

2021 US Nationals Results

ILCA 7 (Standard)

SailorsSail NumberBoat NameClub/OrgDivisionNetTotalR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9
1Rob Hallawellusa 210690NoneUSSCMCUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)36468[10]7521841
2Benn Smithber 209338NoneRoyal Bermuda yacht clubUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)4059148233[19]316
3Humberto Porratausa 216301NoneKBYCUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)567421[18]68217812
4Mathieu Daleisv 211312NoneLyc/scycUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)5910923[UFD – 50]44655102
5James Goldenusa 210869NoneAnnapolis Yacht ClubUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)648355[19]1014141033
6Keir Clarkebah 172762NoneLyford Cay SailingUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)65861611220[21]1168
7Charles Andersonusa 184618NoneSevern Sailing AssociationUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)66116321323642[DNC – 50]4
8Jack Baldwinusa 217638NoneLauderdale Yacht Club/Chicago Yacht clubUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)77122[45]12527118455
9Conor Byrneirl 181204NoneCSC/RSGYCUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)90140471621162114[UFD – 50]
10David GRACEusa 212630NoneOrient Yacht ClubUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)91119151169[28]1561316
11EJ O’MARAusa 196162NoneMichiganUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)103153119111110171222[DNS – 50]
12David Waitingusa 214620SpringbokSevern Sailing AssociationUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)107157131310131771915[UFD – 50]
13Magnus Weissenbergerusa 170331NoneGIYS/SSAUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)110145739[35]163153423
14Aidan Cunninghamusa 212627NoneBarnegat Light Yacht Club/LYCUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)1111611841719[UFD – 50]10181114
15Scott Pakenhamusa 217592The New NormalLaser Fleet 413, Sail NewportUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)1141646[UFD – 50]2520511142013
16Alex Jacobusa 196420Norfolking WayNyccUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)120146[26]15814426161819
17Max Zhalilousa 217352NoneKBYCUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)1201703216201771297[UFD – 50]
18Ethan Hombergerusa 203639NoneLauderdale Yacht Ckub12417422[DSQ – 50]14792527911
19Vir Menonind 186146AcionaHYC13518512191582191[DNC – 50]DNS – 50
20James Jacobusa 217593NoneSevern Sailing AssnUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)1521851622[33]13020222318
21Scott Williamsonusa 218481NoneSevern Sailing AssociationUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)155189192421[34]132725179
22Ryan Squiresusa 194504NoneHoover Sailing ClubUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)1611851714[24]241522242421
23Harrison Stevensusa 218452NoneVineyard Haven Yacht ClubUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)1631942026326[31]18232522
24Andrew Puopolousa 209726NoneBrant Beach Yacht ClubUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)164205[41]2532292933727
25Don Hahlusa 217591NoneBrant Beach Sailing Foundation / Brant Beach Yacht ClubUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)17622193023[45]1832301915
26Jon Deutschusa 159785No QuarterFishing Bay Yacht ClubUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)1932431031262824162830[DNS – 50]
27Craig Berlemenzl 178894NoneNoneUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)19524539272722[UFD – 50]29291210
28Xavier Shattuckusa 180050NoneSSAUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)20325327183725[UFD – 50]28202820
29David Hartmanusa 217586NoneNomad2052553833281612133332[DNS – 50]
30John Glennusa 194259NoneOld Dominion Sailing TeamUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)2112492828[38]302531261627
31Jason Ruckerusa 208107NoneCofC SAUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)21425521[41]40233239132125
32Jake Spracherusa 196271NoneNoneUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)218254[36]3222323424312617
33Charlie Brewerusa 209333NoneFishing Bay Yacht ClubUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)226276252012151935[DNS – 50]DNC – 50DNS – 50
34Harrison Thomsonusa 217630NoneNorfolk Yacht & Country ClubUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)226269[43]2329182223413832
35Brian Hughesusa 0865NoneCooper River Yacht ClubUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)25029639[46]423937362928
36Joshua Higginsbah 213067NoneHarbour island sailing clubUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)265307[42]3531373340323324
37Mike Colbertusa 218475NoneSevern Sailing AssociationUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)278328372144402634[DNS – 50]DNC – 5026
38Bill Heintzusa 194579SongbirdHuguenot Yacht ClubUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)2803232437[43]432741393930
39Christopher Pfrangusa 216503NoneHampton Yacht ClubUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)2833264040363823[43]423529
40Paul David Trudellusa 215727NoneNYCCUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)28332431343931[41]38374033
41Jowo Seiffertusa 217741NoneRochester Yacht ClubUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)2863363442303640303836[DNS – 50]
42Cole Canuelusa 2201NoneAYC/SSAUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)292336352941[44]4242353731
43Scott Liebelusa 186598NoneSarasota Sailing SquadronUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)294344301735333544[DNS – 50]DNC – 50DNS – 50
44Brian Leaverusa 211834NoneHyannis Yacht ClubUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)312362293634393836[DNS – 50]DNC – 50DNS – 50
45Delaney Goodfellowbah 192900NoneLYFORD CAY SAILING3243744843484137463427[DNS – 50]
46Trevor Hicksusa 188112NoneSPYC35140146[UFD – 50]4247UFD – 50454031UFD – 50
47Frank Patch jrusa 189783NoneCCVUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)360410334447464347[DNS – 50]DNC – 50DNS – 50
48Kyle McLaughlinusa 186469Cookie MonsterAnnapolis Yacht ClubUS Singlehanded National Championship (O’Day Trophy, male)377427443845[DNC – 50]DNC – 50DNC – 50DNS – 50DNC – 50DNS – 50
49Britt Drakeusa 203751AMFILCA Fleet 12 , MRYC, FBYC39744747[DNF – 50]DNS – 50DNF – 50DNF – 50DNC – 50DNS – 50DNC – 50DNS – 50

ILCA 6 (Radial)

SailorsSail NumberFleetBoat NameClub/OrgDivisionNetTotalR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9
1Chapman Petersenusa 218111GoldALL INLauderdale Yacht Club / Lake Geneva Yacht Club19255341131[6]1
2Robby Meekusa 200404GoldNoneSevern Sailing Association / LYC36455562[9]2952
3Benjamin Smithusa 212604GoldNoneLauderdale YC/CYC-NC429534248[BFD – 53]1128
4Javier Garconusa 216161GoldNoneKBYC/CYRC5977[18]4744156712
5Hallie Schiffmanusa 216220GoldNoneODPFemale US Singlehanded Championship (Hanley Trophy)648081414167[16]113
6Katharine Dobleusa 211599GoldNoneKBYC/California YCFemale US Singlehanded Championship (Hanley Trophy)6483931511610[19]19
7Guthrie Braunusa 206116GoldNoneSPYC6598119824[33]4243
8Teddy Martinusa 217634GoldNoneLauderdale YC/TRYC/LHYC681211413732[BFD – 53]14105
9Peter Barnardusa 217535GoldNoneChicago Yacht Club708715761241178[17]
10Aidan Denniscan 215014GoldNoneGCYSA100153361327[UFD – 53]153024
11Kurt Stuebeusa 218455GoldNoneKBYC102139210189135[37]36
12Thomas Kraakusa 217353GoldNoneKBYC/CalYC11014675[36]954203327
13Alexander Horneusa 216604GoldNoneGCYSA/Union Sailing Club1121652381062014[UFD – 53]256
14Kyle Pfrangusa 216696GoldNoneHampton Yacht Club11615220[36]97312252218
15Audrey Foleyusa 217357GoldNoneKey Biscayne Yacht Club/CRYC1191616312318[42]881114
16Morgan Smithusa 194546GoldNoneSYS1201752022[BFD – 55]1187191221
17LILLIAN MYERSusa 217293GoldNoneUSODPFemale US Singlehanded Championship (Hanley Trophy)128181OCS – 5111914312[UFD – 53]37
18Sidney Moyerusa 203631GoldNoneSPYCFemale US Singlehanded Championship (Hanley Trophy)1281671314227145[39]2825
19Henry Scholzusa 215725GoldNoneLake Forest Sailing/Lauderdale Yacht Club12918412[BFD – 55]1840101132411
20Ethan Danielsonusa 216255GoldNoneSt Petersburg Yacht Club1301571915[27]2526191394
21Willem DeSimoneusa 169655GoldNoneSevern Sailing Association/KBYC130160152113162027414[30]
22Ben Sheppardusa 217627GoldNoneRiverside YC /Lauderdale YC13118633[BFD – 55]15932222189
23Jake Hombergerusa 216334GoldNoneLauderdale Yacht Club133162181720[29]210241329
24Ryan Ehnotusa 209692GoldNoneSpray Beach Yacht Club/ 76 Sailing1351722791112118[37]3522
25Manuel Cadarsousa 214501GoldNoneKbyc137185629121718317[48]35
26Alexander Adamsusa 158770GoldNoneSevern Sailing Association / Annapolis Yacht Club1391941[BFD – 55]47431232139
27Jackson McAlileyusa 216292GoldNoneKey Biscayne Yacht Club/ CRYC142197267[BFD – 55]201617181523
28Tor Svendsenusa 210332GoldNoneSt Francis Yacht Club1421808[38]21202123122710
29Kevin Gosselinusa 217335GoldNoneLauderdale Yacht club1542091010[BFD – 55]639BFD – 5351615
30William Bakerusa 217517GoldRadialGCYSA/Lakewood YC1562094851334[UFD – 53]263828
31Josh Becherusa 178898GoldNoneKey Biscayne Yacht Club161216246[BFD – 55]311016322616
32Ricky Welchusa 204109GoldNoneGulf Yachting Association1622152136327[UFD – 53]UFD – 532020
33BEN DEFONZOusa 214924GoldNoneTRYC/73 SAILING LLC16221534181210151228[DNC – 53]33
34Parker Youngerusa 215463GoldNoneGCYSA / FWBC16621311111819710[47]4446
35Charlie Allenusa 182810GoldNonePewaukee Yacht Club169214121214193663139[45]
36Niall Kearneyusa 189769GoldNoneEYC18622693932[40]1420291726
37Henry Allgeierusa 151006GoldNoneHampton Yacht Club188241143016306223436[UFD – 53]
38Tommy McCormickusa 216282GoldNoneKey Biscayne Yacht Club1882311932261319182140[43]
39Kate Danielsonusa 195494GoldNoneSPYC192228162310232832[36]2931
40Katherine Weaverusa 187206GoldNoneSevern Sailing AssociationFemale US Singlehanded Championship (Hanley Trophy)1962362522323[40]21303438
41Sebastian Spinelliusa 143964GoldChickenTom’s River Yacht Club199252413241424[BFD – 53]384141
42Rebecca Schillusa 207155GoldNoneNYCC2062552623153025545[49]37
43Charlie Gishusa 215721GoldNoneLauderdale Yacht Club / Lake Forest Sailing208252311532636254032[44]
44Drew Mastovskyusa 174992GoldNoneBeverly Yacht Club20926411[BFD – 55]3363324274332
45Connor McHughusa 218108GoldNoneLauderdale YC/LEHYC20926440[BFD – 55]11281313412340
46Tyler Bergendahlusa 216726GoldNoneKbyc/ness/riyc210257162131273194431[47]
47Conrad Stradenusa 170695GoldNoneNYC222272302735211194247[50]
48Caleb Kinnearusa 217750GoldNoneLauderdale YC/Chicago YC227280381752615[UFD – 53]464634
49Owen Bannaschusa 187654GoldNoneLYC229284729[BFD – 55]155BFD – 53334542
50Hailey Thompsonusa 192895GoldNoneThe San Francisco Yacht Club237285393520311894342[48]
51Bridget Monahanusa 204419GoldNoneFYCFemale US Singlehanded Championship (Hanley Trophy)24729810263339123048[51]49
52Christopher Draperusa 212615GoldNoneSevern Sailing Association255306229282937314950[51]
53Nico Garcia-Castrillonusa 217339SilverNoneKey Biscayne Yacht Club142197502[BFD – 55]351329454
54James O’Gwenusa 215719SilverNoneSeaside Park Yacht Club14718536243016[38]187610
55Will Jackson216643SilverNoneCayman Islands sailing club16221717[BFD – 55]293729351131
56Spencer Dominguezusa 212869SilverGompusKey Biscayne Yacht Club16221731[BFD – 55]21821BFD – 5321115
57Robbie Richardsisv 191224SilverNoneSTYC163196253026[33]30265912
58Tristan McDonaldusa 197056SilverNoneLake Forest Sailing1752282935242512[BFD – 53]35132
59Agustina Jordanchi 213SilverAguilaUniversidad Austral Chile1782332712[BFD – 55]1147BFD – 5331411
60Xavier Stoldtusa 192881SilverNoneLEHYC17823321[BFD – 55]25214813121226
61Alex Liebelusa 216972SilverNoneSarasota Youth Sailing1852404711[BFD – 55]41223514105
62Joshua Almanyusa 191980SilverNoneFBYC188238462229[50]2715132016
63Natalie Burlsusa 206135SilverNobuSevern Sailing AssociationFemale US Singlehanded Championship (Hanley Trophy)19124042401718[49]3791513
64Jack Graceusa 212633SilverNoneSSA19224535201743453011[UFD – 53]
65Christian Cushmanusa 98180SilverNonePewaukee Yacht Club19923432243317[35]25192227
66Jacob Brownusa 217510SilverNoneLakewood Yacht Club2002483231[48]34383310220
67Heidi Hicksusa 216271SilverNoneSPYCFemale US Singlehanded Championship (Hanley Trophy)2022573636[BFD – 55]22UFD – 53236818
68Deana Fedulovausa 217356SilverNoneLauderdale YC / Chicago YC20325828[BFD – 55]8452816292722
69Leighton Farrelusa 217378SilverNoneLarchmont Yacht Club206251332022[45]2324411924
70Sean ` Trudellusa 187327SilverNoneNYCC21527037[BFD – 55]BFD – 554219321776
71Ava Hidercay 177214SilverNoneCISCFemale US Singlehanded Championship (Hanley Trophy)217255[38]1634333521332421
72Billy Vogelusa 212436SilverNoneCrescent Sail YC218268232522[50]4520183728
73Leo Kumarusa 216273SilverNoneLake Forest Sailing22027541[BFD – 55]302825UFD – 5320167
74Nick Maudeusa 188897SilverNoneEdgewater Yacht Club233280404639[47]41418414
75Logan Hayesusa 197129SilverNoneFBYC236287[51]1938394826161733
76William TeBrakeusa 218454SilverNoneSouth Carolina Yact Club236281[45]3727221727393334
77Tate Bothnerusa 15877SilverNoneSevern Sailing AssociationFemale US Singlehanded Championship (Hanley Trophy)237290392619365036[DSQ – 53]238
78Walker Angususa 207156SilverNoneFBYC239277342535[38]3028322629
79Izzy Wu-Karrusa 212124SilverNoneSevern Sailing AssociationFemale US Singlehanded Championship (Hanley Trophy)24328924284324[46]17344132
80Jacques Kerrestusa 174236SilverNoneSailfish Point YC2503031718504850341518[DNC – 53]
81Luke Zylinskiusa 185779SilverNoneLavallette Yacht Club251304371625103236[DNC – 53]DNC – 5342
82Pierce Brindleyusa 185864SilverNoneBig Blue Sailing Academy26431949[BFD – 55]32462340302519
83Sophia Debsusa 216514SilverNoneLYC27432744454047412925[UFD – 53]3
84Caroline McClainusa 217633SilverNoneLauderdale Yacht Club/Lake Forest Sailing277330482894316[UFD – 53]27UFD – 53DNC – 53
85John Thomas Masonusa 168468SilverNoneFishing Bay Yacht Club277328303438[51]3414444241
86Tamsin Horneusa 185462SilverNoneUnion Sailing Club277323[46]3416383944433825
87Griffin Richardsonusa 189792SilverNoneSevern Sailing Association2793345333[BFD – 55]413234383117
88Tanner Wardusa 206090SilverNoneGCYSA28333443[UFD – 51]49482239213031
89Max Naseefusa 218487SilverNoneMantoloking Yacht Club287332[45]3839322641373539
90Henry Ciszewskiusa 216725SilverNoneFbyc28934221413453745[DNC – 53]DNC – 53DNC – 53
91Hayden McCreadyusa 201303SilverNoneHYC C-VANE29133841[47]41424040244023
92Joshua Bendurausa 215478SilverNoneFBYC293348[DNC – 55]DNC – 55DNC – 5544243836329
93Alders Kulynych-Irvinusa 208752SilverNoneSevern Sailing Association29535013[BFD – 55]BFD – 553546BFD – 53223635
94John Bishopusa 211602SilverNoneLEHYC29533842394034[43]42402830
95Olivia Gilmoreusa 214517SilverNoneHampton yacht club296345[49]2747444938262936
96Finn Hassingusa 217574SilverNoneOriental Dinghy Club2983515237314651372321[DNC – 53]
97Noah Clarkeusa 187964SilverOptional 2SCYC30034722444637[47]43313938
98Blake Goodwinusa 197618SilverNoneHYC30335147[48]45154439423437
99Harrison Hubbardusa 210874SilverNoneBrant Beach Yacht Club305358284928322933[DNC – 53]DNC – 53DNC – 53
100Zachary Brownusa 162400SilverNoneLakewood Yacht Club3423954332375244[BFD – 53]28DNC – 53DNC – 53
101Margaret Campbellusa 199916SilverDauntlessHampton Yacht ClubFemale US Singlehanded Championship (Hanley Trophy)343396354337494231[DNC – 53]DNC – 53DNC – 53
102Matt Whiteusa 218486SilverJiminy CricketSevern Sailing Association353406294242[DNC – 53]DNC – 5328DNC – 53DNC – 53DNC – 53
103Nicholas Feddersenusa 191484SilverNoneKbyc36742244[BFD – 55]BFD – 554917BFD – 53DNC – 53DNC – 5343
104Jack Butlerusa 149879SilverNoneHampton Yacht Club36742048334451[DNC – 53]DNC – 5345DNC – 5340

ILCA 4 (4.7)

SailorsSail NumberBoat NameClub/OrgNetTotalR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9
1Matheo Capassocay 208397NoneCISC/Lauderdale48971442123[BFD – 49]121
2Jacob Zilsusa 215738NoneKBYC/MYC589362147[35]101252
3Conor Kellettusa 156950Just ChillKey Biscayne Yacht Club6694831218[28]12634
4Stephen Momeierusa 208380NoneGCYSA/Lakewood YC71120131762297[UFD – 49]6
5Eden Nykampusa 214530NoneMacatawa Bay Yacht Club791011719[22]5161669
6Abbey Grandinusa 217464NoneKBYC9213132017[39]2445127
7Dorothy Mendelblattusa 157922NoneSPYC105133101898261[28]1518
8Drew D’Orsiusa 215732NoneLEHYC112147182414143[35]2226
9Talia Hamlinusa 169388NoneSPYC / SFYC / ACSC117143[26]172611416171412
10Connor Demmingusa 216727NoneBarnegat Light Yacht Club119151152653215[32]2816
11Alejo Di Blasiisv 200536NoneLYC / STYC1241572451831182224[33]
12Jack Boltonusa 215723NoneSt. Georges School AYC12415516273228[31]15825
13Thomas Mazzeousa 209749NoneSouth Carolina Yacht Club1311752101123[44]2263027
14Margaux Cowlesusa 209688NoneLarchmont Yacht Club1311677308[36]2017112711
15Sean Bodnarusa 187959Laser 4.7LEHYC13318251313923[BFD – 49]13UFD – 498
16Oscar Parzenusa 217622NoneLYC/SDYC138187291419457183[UFD – 49]3
17Braden Vogelusa 213405NoneCrescent Sail YC1391821151021[43]8303321
18Lucas Nykampusa 209326NoneMacatawa Bay Yacht Club1401694[29]2413152823924
19Bella Cremerusa 199143NoneLEHYC141179932151510[38]202119
20James Kopackusa 192000NoneToms River Yacht Club14719634282105332411[UFD – 49]
21Anna Vasilievausa 217347NoneKBYC147196129[UFD – 49]194515141320
22Isabella Mendoza Cabezasusa 217340NoneKbyc15520437392327111341[UFD – 49]
23Maxwell Millerusa 218109NoneAvalon Yacht Club161200[39]83311621342028
24Charlotte Webstercay 217690NoneCISC1672163035[DNC – 49]20172082413
25Elliott Lippusa 218610NoneCarolina Yacht Club SC1702192164296[BFD – 49]383630
26Will Ruckerusa 166003NoneSCYC1772223533[45]40919101615
27Annie Samisusa 217747VamanosLauderdale Yacht Club1802294221272622[BFD – 49]1810SCP – 14
28Ava Andersonusa 186548NoneLakewood YC19022923383437[39]242275
29Umi Noritakeusa 217336NoneLYC190239332561233239[UFD – 49]UFD – 49
30Kynes Cabrerausa 204110NoneLakewood Yacht Club202245111128[43]349413434
31Madeline Torreyusa 216969NoneLYC/CYC20325031[47]3033367271722
32Leila Pfrangusa 216503NoneHampton Yacht Club21225227732303214[40]3139
33Kate Denniscan 209339NoneGCYSA/Lakewood YC21225119162532193436[39]31
34Kailey Warriorusa 192922NoneHouston YC/ Lakewood YC2142562523[42]384225251917
35Bode Sniderusa 189721NoneSouth Carolina Yacht Club21926020124017272639[41]38
36Cole Martinusa 215481NoneLauderdal YC/TRYC/LHYC2242733636354813[BFD – 49]192314
37Martha Schuesslerusa 217358NoneLYC24128132[40]36283027332629
38Arabella Duerusa 159815NoneSCYC246292403438341211[46]4037
39Elyse Bernthalusa 181272NoneSDYS/SCYC247294384120[47]4036311823
40Grace Quasebarthusa 175219SublimeN/A2593082237291648[BFD – 49]373535
41Lawton Harperusa 210081NoneCarolina Yacht Club SC27232128[UFD – 49]41464130292532
42Tyler Yangusa 213396NoneLauderdale28433041423125[46]35452936
43River Keysersusa 204421NoneSDYS2853344543431437[BFD – 49]214240
44Yana Prakhinausa 215955NoneLYC286332[46]4437242532443842
45Louise Martinusa 218595NoneCyc sc307354[47]3146413137433741
46Savannah Monnigusa 131057NoneBarnegat Light Yacht Club328377[DNC – 49]22394229BFD – 49DNS – 49DNS – 49DNC – 49
47Maddie Murphyusa 195478NoneNorfolk Yacht & Country Club3333824345164438[BFD – 49]DNS – 49DNS – 49DNC – 49
48Grace Coleman Reaston Browntca 209697NoneProvo Sailing Academy3333824446443547[BFD – 49]423243

2021 District 11 Championship Results

In case you missed it the 2021 ILCA District 11 Championship was  held this past weekend at Norfolk Yacht & Country Club.  We had 18 boats from all over the District . The winds were light Saturday,  but PJ Trudell , our Race Committee Chairman managed to get off four W4 races (one was shortened to a W1).  Sunday the wind was much better, 10 to 15 mph, we sailed four W4’s again.   The winner of the 2021  District 11 ILCA Championship was Alex Jacob ,  second was David Hartman and third was Jake Spracher.  I would like to take this time to thank NYCC,  PJ,  Ben, Levi, Alex and Duffy for their effort on putting on a fine Regatta as well as a great Dinner Saturday night and adult refreshments Sunday after racing. – Britt Drake

1ALEX JACOBUSA 194620Norfolking WayNYCC1925123521[6]5
2David Hartman217586NoneNone2537[12]1443436
3Jake SpracherUSA 196271NoneNorfolk Laser Fleet263423[8]74613
4Jon DeutschUSA 159785No QuarterFishing Bay Yacht Club28363[8]531358
5Scott WilliamsonUSA 215737BuccilcaSevern Sailing Association29386[9]666221
6Harrison Thomson— 217630NoneNYCC3646[10]7729542
7Rebecca SchillUSA 12605NoneNYCC38487[10]1171084
8Sean TrudellUSA 187327NoneNorfolk Yacht & Country Club52645[12]211581011
9George SlookUSA 209744Go NADSDelta5364441098[11]99
10Mike ColbertUSA 213965NoneSevern Sailing Association7084959[14]12131210
11Brian HughesUSA 210865NoneCooper River Yacht Club7085141411[15]10777
12Mike MooreUSA 217478Vintage NADSDiego Garcia Yacht Club76901111131011911[14]
13Britt DrakeUSA 204415AMFFBYC / MRYC / ILCA Fleet 12839886[15]1315141413
14Frank Patch Jr.USA 189783NoneBBSA881021313[14]1213121312
15Chad PattonUSA 206051NoneNorfolk Laser Fleet96113151512814[RET – 17]RET – 1715
16Ryan SquiresUSA 194504NoneHoover119136[DNC – 17]DNC – 17DNC – 17DNC – 17DNC – 17DNC – 17DNC – 17DNC – 17

NYCC 2020 Fall Frostbite Results

Yesterday was our final Fall Frostbite at Norfolk Yacht & Country Club, the next Series ( Winter ) starts December 6 – February 14 and the Spring Series February 21 – March 28 2021.

The Series that ended yesterday had twelve Lasers on the line, with trying conditions (wind 3-10), three races were sailed, results should be posted on NYCC’s Website shortly . Those of you that were hesitant about sailing in the Fall because of water temperature being too cold . I can attest it’s not , water might be a little chilly as I turned over backwards in 3-5 mph of wind but water not bad. I have to give credit to Alex and Wilson for running three races for us under trying conditions , Thank you – Britt

2020 NYCC Spring Regatta Results

Starting line on Saturday – by Scott Norman

If you weren’t theer last weekend,  you missed a good one.  Weather conditions on Saturday started off challenging to say the least.  PRO PJ and his crew did a outstanding job under trying conditions.

On shore, the club structured an environment for everyone to practice social distancing. Regatta management looked a little different because they posted all announcements online, making use of Zoom and WhatsApp to communicate updates. The large open space of the club’s parking lot and yard really allowed everyone to spread out. On the water, the regatta felt like any other Laser event – competitive and fun! Looking ahead these regattas are coming up.

The first race was started in light wind conditions,  but improved.  The next two races were sailed in steady 10 to 12 North winds.   A storm rolled through ending racing for the day. Saturday after the racing was over and boats put away there was a keg of beer for the sailors  to consume on the veranda of the Club.

Racing on Saturday as storms approached – by Scott Norman

Sunday started off with winds in the 18 to 20 mph out of the North, with gust to 25. The turnout was great with thirty six Lasers, Standard and Radials competing.  
The results can be found on the Norfolk Yacht & Country Club Web site . 

NYCC ,with the addition of the new Waterfront Director Scott Norman,  PJ Trudell,  Ben Stills ( Commodore)   Eddie Wolcott and others. The Club is making positive steps to returning to the Club of old.

Compiled from reports by Britt Drake and Scott Williamson – JD


SailorsSail NumberBoat NameClub/OrgNetTotalR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8
1Leo Boucherusa 157851NoneSevern Sailing Association79[2]1111111
2Avery Fanningusa 189793NoneNone202542223[5]25
3David Waitingusa 214620NoneSevern Sailing Association3144[13]8342464
4James Jacob175881NoneSSA / PRSA37466[9]556753
5Alex Jacobusa 194620Swedish Toboggan RideNYCC4049566[9]8348
6Alexander Hanna199157Liquor BoxHYC4366144[DNC – 23]DNC – 23272
7Scott Williamson215737NoneSSA4858[10]101065836
8Austin Powersusa 1ShaguarFBYC48598[11]739687
9Benton Amthor50005ShrimpingHYC63773312[14]13111011
10Emmett Nevelusa 170073NoneChicago Yacht Club65777[12]117101299
11Brett Chivers192033NoneMarianas Yacht Club (Guam)84107111491179[DNC – 23]DNC – 23
12Michael Colbertusa 213965NoneSSA881051413[17]1312141210
13Charlie Brewer209333NoneFBYC10212512588[DNC – 23]DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23
14Mike Mooreusa 195478Vintage NADSDiego Garcia Yacht Club114137[DNC – 23]DNC – 23DNC – 2310111311DNC – 23
15Ron Thompsonusa 158670NoneNorfolk Laser Fleet118141[DNC – 23]DNC – 23DNC – 2312410DNC – 23DNC – 23
16Peter Illusa 182850NoneHampton Yacht Club1241479716[DNC – 23]DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23
17Britt Drakeusa 204415AMFFBYC / MRYC / Laser Fleet 12136159161513[DNC – 23]DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23
18Trip Iveyusa 204771NoneNone140163171615[DNC – 23]DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23
19Chad Pattonusa 206051NoneNone1471701517[DNC – 23]DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23
20Michael Tomsusa 157851-2NoneFishing Bay Yacht Club152175[DNS – 23]DNS – 2314DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23
21Frank Patchusa TBDNONECCV161184[DNC – 23]DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23
22William TebrakeNoneNoneNone161184[DNC – 23]DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23DNC – 23


SailorsSail NumberBoat NameClub/OrgNetTotalR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8
1Robby Meekusa 200404NoneSSA1118[7]521111
2Natalie Burlsusa 206135NoneSSA1826[8]732222
3Reed McAllister208758NoneNone303822[8]7766
4Paul Trudellusa 215727NoneNYCC3041[11]1063344
5Sean Trudellusa 187327NoneNYCC30419[11]45435
6Kelly McMurray212125NoneOcean City Yacht Club3447[13]894553
7Henry Allgeierusa 151006NoneNorfolk Yacht and Country Club344164566[7]7
8Rebecca Schillusa 6NoneNYCC4863331188[DNC – 15]DNC – 15
9Andrew Ciszewskiusa 216725NoneFBYC5469117[DNC – 15]DNC – 15DNC – 15DNC – 15
10Henry Ciszewskiusa 166915NoneFBYC64791261[DNC – 15]DNC – 15DNC – 15DNC – 15
11Harrison Thomsonusa 151945NoneNYCC69845910[DNC – 15]DNC – 15DNC – 15DNC – 15
12Griffin Richardsonusa 189792NoneSevern Sailing Association738841212[DNC – 15]DNC – 15DNC – 15DNC – 15
13Maggie Campbell168577NoneNYCC83981013[RET – 15]DNC – 15DNC – 15DNC – 15DNC – 15
14Jack McKennausa 152496NoneHYC90105[DNC – 15]DNC – 15DNC – 15DNC – 15DNC – 15DNC – 15DNC – 15