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New District 11 Website

Welcome to a new District 11 Website: https://laserdistrict11.wordpress.com  It’s been a while since the last update and this one should be a little more maintainable, work better on mobile devices and be easier to post results to.

RSS Feed for feed readers.

The old website is currently directing users here and eventually laserdistrict11.org will just be a redirect to this site. (The domain will be kept, but the URL for all content going forward will be laserdistrict11.wordpress.com)

Updated Website

Website as of 10/24/2010I’ve done some major upgrades to the District 11 website.  Most of the improvements are under the covers and the general look and feel of the website remains the same. All 307 articles from the old site going back to 2005 have been converted over.  All of the NOR’s and Results remain as they were.

A couple noticeable changes:

  • The ability to comment on news
  • Use of tags to organize articles on particular fleets, regattas, etc

The new site will also enable me to make posts much more quickly rather than having to jump through all of the hoops I had to jump through before and it’ll be easier to add pictures.  I’ll be able to build on the new platform a lot more easily as I upgrade the features and eventually give the site a new look.

Finally, some of the RSS feeds have moved to new URLs.

District 11 RSS Feeds

For those that use RSS Feeds to follow websites I have updated the location of the District 11 RSS feed. In addition to news, NORs, and results, the feed also contains postings of boats for sale or wanted.

Additionally, there are now separate feeds for only news, only NOR/Results, only For Sale and Wanted.