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Jacie Swenson Reflects on the US Masters in Spinsheet Magazine

Check out the latest Spinsheet Magazine where D11-sailor Jacie Swenson reflects on her experience of returning to Masters sailing at the US Masters in Brant Beach.  Page 73.

D11 Sailors at the US Laser Masters

District 11 had an awesome turnout at the 2012 US Laser Masters Regatta at Brant Beach Yacht Club.  22 of the 86 boats hailed from ports in our district.  Here’s how they did:


9 James Jacob (FBYC/SSA)
22 David Schoene (SSA)
31 Michael Parramore (SSA)
36 Len Guenther (FBYC)
37 Ron Thompson
40 Roger Link (WRSC)
47 Eric Petersen (PRSA)
48 Adam Glass (SSA)
49 Rich Parolski
51 Jeffrey Caruso (AYC)
53 Leo Wilson (SSA)


3 Mike Schmidt (MRSA)
5 Bill Vickers (SSA/AYC)
8 Bob Tan (SSA)
11 Jacques Kerrest (PRSA)
15 Jacelyn Swenson
16 Margaret Podlich (SSA)
19 Ramsey Alexander (SSA)
20 Steven Cofer (SSA)
22 Dorian Haldeman (SSA)
24 Laura Riggs (SSA)
25 Fariba Partawi (SSA)

Complete Results

US Laser Masters Just Weeks Away

2012 US Laser MastersThe US Laser Masters Regatta is just a couple weeks a way at Brant Beach Yacht Club on Long Beach Island New Jersey.  Already a number of District 11 sailors have registered.  For those who haven’t been to BBYC, they’ve got a 6-block long beach with plenty of space for launching (I’ve seen them launch 300+ Lasers in 30 minutes from here) and a short sail to the course.  BBYC has in recent years hosted the US National Championship and North American Championship, so they know how to put on a good regatta.  So if you are on the fence, let us know what will tip you towards going. And be sure to sign up this week, the fee goes up September 1.


D11 Sailors at Cressy Championship Qualifiers

A number of District 11 sailors were in New Jersey last weekend at Brant Beach Yacht Club for the Cressy (high school singlehanded qualifiers).

2. Matthew Schofield (Broadneck HS/SSA)
6. Conrad Roos (Atlee HS/FBYC)
8. Harrison Hawk (Annapolis HS/AYC)
9. Ben Buhl (Deep Run HS/FBYC)
13. Graeme Alderman (St. Christopher’s SCH/FBYC)
17. Read Beigel (Severna Park)
19. Maeve White (Severn School)
21. Eric Roos (Atlee HS/FBYC)
25. Andrew Schoene (Bradneck HS/SSA)

Complete Results

D11 Sailors at Laser Nationals

District 11 had great representation at Laser Nationals this past weekend at Brant Beach Yacht Club in New Jersey.  Eighteen sailors from our district made the trip.  This year Laser Nationals was the largest Laser Regatta in North America in the history of the laser class.  Over 276 sailors were in town to take part.

The Radial fleet of 142 boats was broken into 4 divisions with two divisions racing each other at a time.  The Standard rig fleet featured 105 sailors all starting on the same line.

Friday was the first day of racing and the wind was blowing between 14 and 18 mph with max gusts observed at 22mph.  The frist warning was at 11am and all fleets got in 4 races on the 5 mile course.  The bay we were sailing in is rather shallow and somewhat well-protected so there was only a little chop.

Saturday the wind was a little weaker, but still over 10mph all day.  All fleets got in another 4 races.

Sunday morning sailors awoke to rainy conditions with little wind so racing was postponed 30 minutes while a front moved through.  Once on the water the rain cleared and the Standard Rig fleet was started.  Halfway up the beat the wind died and the race was abandoned.  About 45 minutes later the wind finally filled and all fleets got in one final race.

Radial Rig (142)

23 Matthew Schoene (SSA)
27 Kyle Swenson (FBYC)
41 Ben Buhl (FBYC)
52 Justin Bell (SSA)
70 Madeleine Alderman (FBYC)
76 Margaret Podlich (SSA)
83 Lauren Schoene (SSA)
100 Austin Powers (FBYC)
107 Conrad Roos (FBYC)
121 McKay Hanna (HYC)
140 Mary Peyton Sanford (NYCC)

Complete Radial Results

Standard Rig (105):

35 M. Allen (ODU)
48 Alden Shattuck (SSA)
53 Dave Schoene (SSA)
85 Jon Deutsch (FBYC)
86 Chris Bowne
94 David Sliom (SSA)
95 Karen Long (SSA) – First Woman

Complete Standard Rig Results

A Dozen D11 Sailors Compete at ACCs

We had a dozen District 11 sailors at the ACC’s this weekend. The racers had good winds and got in 8 races. Here’s who was there from D11

Alex Bertrand (AYC)
Bo McClatchy (AYC)
Bob Tan (SSA)
Brendan Heussler (SSA)
Brendan McAndrews (SSA)
Chip Swatta (SSA)
Ian Nora (SSA)
Kyle Swenson (FBYC)
Mary Catherine Buhl (FBYC)
Michael Keane (FBYC)
Morgan Wilson (SSA)
Shawn Murray (SSA)




Over 160 Laser are set to take to the waters at Brant Beach Yacht Club this weekend including several D11 sailors. Here’s who has pre-registered from D11:

4.7 – Mary Catherine Buhl (FBYC)

RADIAL – Michael Keane (FBYC), Shawn Murray (SSA), Kyle Swenson (FBYC), Morgan Wilson (SSA)

LASER – Bo McClatchy (AYC), Bob Tan (SSA)

Follow along with the results this weekend by visiting the event website.