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CBYRA Publishes 2016 Junior Regattas

CBYRACBYRA has published the 2016 Junior Regatta schedule.  Ranging from single day events to large 2-day events – there’s something for all juniors and most events should have Radials and Standards – although check with event organizers.  The largest that will surely have at least one class of Laser have been added to the D11 calendar.

A number of the events are packed into a 3 week period allowing maximum opportunities to compete before the longer distance travel events in late July.

  • 6/25-26 VA Commonwealth Cup FBYC
  • 6/28 West River Junior Regatta
  • 7/6 Sandy MacVickar Junior SSA
  • 7/7 AYC Annual Junior Regatta
  • 7/8 MD State Championship Baltimore Co Sc
  • 7/13-14 US Sailing Junior Olympics Lewes YC

CBYRA High Point events

Note there are a few events that are not strictly Junior events.  Some like FBYC and Oxford Annual regattas in August will have combined Junior and Adult fleets.  Others like the VA Governors Cup at Ware River will have separate junior and adult courses with separate racing.


CBYRA 2011 High Point Awards

CBYRA has announced their high point winners for the 2011 season:


  1. Brady White (SSA)
  2. David Schoene (SSA)
  3. Jon Deutsch (FBYC)

Laser Radial (Open)*

  1. Matthew Schofield (SSA)
  2. Phillip Schofield (SSA)
  3. Andrew Schoene (SSA)

Junior Laser Radial

  1. Jeremy Herrin (FBYC)
  2. Ben Buhl (FBYC)
  3. Matt Schofield (SSA)
  4. Zach Hill (FBYC)
  5. Austin Powers (FBYC)
  6. Conrad Roos (FBYC)
  7. Read Beigel (AYC)
  8. Graeme Alderman (FBYC)
  9. Josh Dragon (BCSC)
  10. Gray Kiger (NYCC)

Junior Girls Radial

  1. McKay Hanna (HYC)
  2. Sarah Streater (NYCC)
  3. Hannah Schmidt (MRYC)
  4. Kate Raney (RHYC)
  5. Sarah Raney (RHYC)

*This is not yet an official CBYRA award class, but had awards been given out, here’s who they would have gone to.

CBYRA 2010 High Point Awards

CBYRA gave out their high point awards for the 2010 season last weekend.  Congratulations to the winners!

Open Laser Standard:

  1. Brady White (SSA)
  2. David Schoene (SSA)
  3. Matthew Schofield (SSA/AYC)
  4. Jon Deutsch (FBYC)

Open Laser Radial*

  1. Matthew Schofield (SSA/AYC)
  2. Harrison Hawk (AYC)
  3. Brian Bay (WRSC)

Junior Laser Radial

  1. Alex Jacob (FBYC)
  2. Ben Buhl (FBYC)
  3. Austin Powers (FBYC)
  4. Nicole Hause (TAYC)
  5. Jeremy Herrin (SYSP/FBYC)
  6. Madeleine Alderman (FBYC)
  7. Matt Schofield (AYC)
  8. Michael Dufour (TAYC)
  9. Sammy Stagg (AYC)
  10. Josh Dragon (BCSC)

Junior Girls Radial:

  1. Nicole Hause (TAYC)
  2. Madeleine Alderman (FBYC)
  3. Mary Peyton Sanford (FBYC)
  4. Kate Ranney (RHYC)
  5. McKay Hannah (HYC/FBYC)

*This is not yet an official CBYRA award class, but had awards been given out, here’s who they would have gone to.

UPDATE 3/11: Revised Junior Radial results and added junior girls radial results.

2012 Worlds Qualification System

ILCA-NA has announced the qualification system for the 2012 Worlds.  Sailors can qualify for the Standard, Radial, Women’s Radial, Junior Radial, 4.7 and Master’s Worlds through their participation at 2011 events.

The Complete 2012 Worlds Qualification System is posted here.  Check out the 2012 planning grid to see where the various World Championships will be held in 2012.

Of most interest will likely be the 2012 Masters Worlds Qualification requirements.  The basic gist of it is that Masters Sailors who have finished well at a major event or participated in Worlds before get first priority, then it moves down to sailors who finished in the top 20% of their fleet at a qualifying regatta.  As of 2011 the Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship is now one of the qualifying regattas so finishing in the top 20% in your age bracket could help qualify you for Worlds.

Questions or thinking about going? Let me know.

District 11 Sailors at the 2010 Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta

Several District 11 Junior Sailors are in Coconut Grove Florida at Coral Reef Yacht Club for the 2010 Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta.  The regatta runs from the 28-30.

Standard Rig

  • Mike Carr AYC
  • Ben Sturmer SSA

Radial Rig

  • Matthew Schofield AYC/SSA
  • Brady Stagg AYC
  • Maeve White AYC

Results for Standard and Radial as pdfs.

2011 Draft Schedule

The 2010 season just barely ended and your fleet captains have been hard at work preparing the 2011 schedule.  The captains have been working together to work out conflicts while picking the best days for sailing.  The schedule has a variety of events from Portsmouth long distance races, to junior regattas, to two-day annual regattas, to our premiere event the District 11 Championship.  Many of the events this year will include starts for Radials in addition to Standard rigs.

Check out the first draft of the 2011 schedule posted on the website.  Some of these dates are subject to change, but in just a few weeks they should be finalized.  Start picking out the weekends of the can’t-be-missed regattas  and circle those weekends on your calendar today!

CBRYA Post Provisional CORUM Cup Junior High Point Standings

CBYRA has posted provisional standings in the CORUM Cup high point series.

Here’s the top 20:

Sail # First Name Last Name Club
1 192060 Alex Jacob FBYC
2 194584 Ben Buhl FBYC
3 196277 Austin Powers FBYC
4 190507 Nicole Hause TAYC
5 188698 Jeremy Herrin FBYC
6 194587 Madeline Alderman FBYC
7 168574 Matt Schofield AYC
8 177293 Michael Dufour TAYC
9 Volvo Sin Sammy Stagg AYC
10 182738 Josh Dragon BCSC
11 194583 Conrad Roos FBYC
12 194507 Graeme Alderman FBYC
13 195919 Eric Roos FBYC
14 184647 Gabriel Watson WRSC
15 105201 Matt Rajacich TAYC
16 181264 Mary Peyton Sanford FBYC
17 190442 Brian Doherty BCSC
18 169536 Kate Ranney RHYC
19 5881 McKay Hannah HYC/FBYC
20 173711 Jonathan Clarke TAYC