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Register for 2017 Laser District Championship/Sunshine Open, April 22-23!

Hello Laser Sailors!

Time is running out to register for the 2017 Laser District Championship/Sunshine Open, April 22-23!
NOR and online registration: http://severnsailing.org/content.aspx?page_id=87&club_id=549086&item_id=620485

  • Your registration fee includes a few of the best things from the area.
  • after racing keg of Heavy Seas Loose Cannon (a local favorite brewed in Baltimore
  • tasty crab cake dinner catered by CrabTownCurbs Cusine (extra dinner tickets available for $25), and
  • a moisture-wicking tech shirt, designed by StoutGear (artwork shared on Facebook yesterday) https://www.facebook.com/groups/206466696149325/permalink/1127004367428882/

Sailors who register between now and April 10 will be guaranteed a regatta shirt at check in. Early registration discount ends on April 14.

I hope to see you there!

Scott Williamson
Laser Fleet 10


2016 Sunshine Open Results

D11 Championship 2016

The District 11 Championship was held at Severn Sailing Association (SSA) in Annapolis, Maryland this year, in conjunction with their annual Sunshine Open Regatta.  Conditions were fairly typical for this early season regatta with intermittent rain and breezy conditions forecast for Saturday and sunshine with diminishing winds for Sunday.  Thirty nine sailors were registered for the event, twenty seven full rigs and twelve radials.  One of the best events to kick off the east coast sailing season, the Sunshine Open is a long standing regatta dating back to the 70’s when the Laser was first introduced by Bruce Kirby.

Saturday began with intermittent rain and a strong breeze out of the north northwest.  Twelve to fourteen knots of wind with overcast skies and temps in the 60’s greeted the sailors as they sailed out to the course in Whitehall Bay, just below the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  Strong outgoing current and shifty conditions kept most of the fleet on the left of the course in the early races.  The first day saw Leo Boucher, an up and coming Junior sailor from Severn Sailing Association, battling it out with a former District 11 Champion, James Jacob, for first in the Full Rig Fleet.  Conditions were challenging, with the strong current and the intermittent swells from passing freighters creating big waves across the course, and the wind driven swells adding to the mix.  Saturday ended with James Jacob in first, Leo Boucher close behind and Scott Williamson in third. The Radial Fleet had Kim Couranz in first, Jaques Kerrest in second and Dorian Haldeman in third.

2016 D11 Championship RC

As the sailors made their way back to SSA the sun came out and treated all to a beautiful sunset, with the Naval Academy and the Maryland Statehouse in the background.  A dinner of Maryland crab cakes and a great local band capped off a fun evening.

Sunday dawned bright and cool with better than forecast breeze promising another great day on the water.  The ten knot breeze that greeted the sailors on the way out to the course soon began to waver and go right.  After two challenging races with shifty conditions in a dying breeze Leo Boucher came through with two bullets (1-1-2-1-1) to capture first place in the Full Rig Fleet, followed by James Jacob (2-2-1-1-3) in second and Eric Reitinger, from Brant Beach, in third.  Mike Russom (previous District 11 Champion) and Scott Williamson filled in at fourth and fifth place.  District 11 Champion, Leo Boucher was also the First Junior sailor and June Rose Futcher was the First Woman finisher in the Full Rig Fleet.  In the Radial Fleet, three Severn Sailing Association members took top honors, Kim Couranz (1-1-1-1-2) finished in first with Dorian Haldeman (2-4-2-2-6) in second and Bill Lawson in third place.  Susan Taylor and Jacques Kerrest, both of Severn Sailing, rounded out the top five in fourth and fifth respectively.  Kim also took top honors as the First Woman in the Radial Fleet.

Radial 1st thru 3rd Sunshine Open District 11 Championship (Kim Couranz, Dorian Haldeman and Bill Lawson)

Standard 1st thru 3rd
Sunshine Open District 11 Championship 2016 (Leo Boucher, James Jacobs and Eric Reitinger)

ull Rig 1st thru 3rd Sunshine Open District 11 Championship 2016 (Leo Boucher, James Jacobs and Eric Reitinger)

Radial 1st thru 3rd
Sunshine Open District 11 Championship (Kim Couranz, Dorian Haldeman and Bill Lawson)

All in all it was a great event with competitors from up and down the east coast attending and many sailors returning year after year.


Division: Laser (27 boats) (top)

Pos Sail Boat/Club 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total
1 157851 Leo Boucher/ Severn Sailing Association 1 1 [4] 2 1 1 6.00 1
2 194620 James Jacob/ Severn Sailing Association 2 2 1 1 3 [8] 9.00 2
3 194505 Eric Reitinger/ Brant Beach Yacht Club [11] 3 3 6 4 3 19.00 3
4 204428 Mike Russom/ Northern Virginia Model Yacht Club 3 [12] 6 3 7 2 21.00 4
5 209747 Scott Williamson/ Tred Avon Yacht Club 4 [10] 2 4 8 10 28.00 5
6 173969 Alexander A. Meller/ Severn Sailing Association 7 4 8 7 5 [12] 31.00 6
7 196023 Robert J. Tan/ Severn Sailing Association 10 [13] 9 8 2 4 33.00 7
8 198025 Luke Shingledecker/ Severn Sailing Association 6 8 5 5 9 [28/DNC] 33.00 8
9 100655 Charlie Brewer/ Fishing Bay Yacht Club 5 5 7 9 11 [17] 37.00 9
10 196080 Steven Schmidt/ Cooper River Yacht Club 9 6 [16] 11 6 5 37.00 10
11 199139 Dennis Russom/ Brant Beach Yacht Club 12 [15] 13 10 12 9 56.00 11
12 209702 Michael Parramore/ Severn Sailing Association 13 9 12 [16] 13 11 58.00 12
13 190513 Eric Bennung/ Corinthian Yacht Club of Cape May 16 [21] 10 15 10 14 65.00 13
14 188095 David Schoene/ Severn Sailing Association 8 7 11 14 [28/DNC] 28/DNC 68.00 14
15 166870 Bruce F. Empey/ Severn Sailing Association 14 11 15 13 15 [20] 68.00 15
16 156631 Eric Johnson/ Severn Sailing Association 15 [17] 14 12 14 13 68.00 16
17 192031 Carlos Linares/ Severn Sailing Association 18 16 17 17 [19] 19 87.00 17
18 200405 Edward John/ Severn Sailing Association 21 19 18 [28/DNS] 20 18 96.00 18
19 184620 Brendan Gay/ Severn Sailing Association 20 20 20 18 18 [21] 96.00 19
20 152989 JuneRose J. Futcher/ Club TBD 17 18 [28/DNF] 28/DNC 28/DNC 6 97.00 20
21 209752 David Stenger/ Severn Sailing Association 19 14 19 [28/DNS] 28/DNC 28/DNC 108.00 21
22 204415 Britt Drake/ Maurice River Yacht Club [28/DNC] 28/DNC 28/DNC 28/DNC 17 15 116.00 22
23 205512 Adam Glass/ Severn Sailing Sailing [28/DNC] 28/DNC 28/DNC 28/DNC 16 16 116.00 23
24 137777 Michael J. Waters/ Severn Sailing Association [28/DNC] 28/DNC 28/DNC 28/DNC 28/DNC 7 119.00 24
25T 180536 Steven D. Cofer/ Severn Sailing Association [28/DNC] 28/DNC 28/DNC 28/DNC 28/DNC 28/DNC 140.00T 25T
25T 185776 Jerry Smith/ Severn Sailing Association [28/DNC] 28/DNC 28/DNC 28/DNC 28/DNC 28/DNC 140.00T 25T
25T 201214 Joe Hidalgo/ Severn Sailing Association [28/DNC] 28/DNC 28/DNC 28/DNC 28/DNC 28/DNC 140.00T 25T


(1) Scoring System is ISAF Low Point 2013-2016
(2) Time limit expired (TLE) penalty is: Finishers plus 2
(3) Finishes in [brackets] denote throwouts

Division: Laser Radial (12 boats) (top)

Pos Sail Boat/Club 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total
1 194577 Kim Couranz/ Severn Sailing Association 1 1 1 [3] 1 2 6.00 1
2 203955 Dorian Haldeman/ Severn Sailing Association 2 4 2 2 6 [7] 16.00 2
3 207150 Bill E. Lawson/ Severn Sailing Association 4 3 3 5 2 [6] 17.00 3
4 180524 Susan D. Taylor/ Severn Sailing Association [6] 5 5 4 3 3 20.00 4
5 174236 Jacques Kerrest/ Severn Sailing Association 3 2 4 1 [13/DNC] 13/DNC 23.00 5
6 200168 Rick H. Landell/ Cooper River Yacht Club [7] 7 7 7 5 4 30.00 6
7 170722 Csila Gal/ Potomac River Sailing Association 9 [10] 8 6 4 8 35.00 7
8 153006 Sandy Westphal/ Severn Sailing Association 10 9 10 [13/DNF] 7 1 37.00 8
9 175592 John Gebhardt/ Severn Sailing Association 5 6 6 8 [13/DNC] 13/DNC 38.00 9
10 200585 Christopher J. Young/ Severn Sailing Association 8 8 [9] 9 8 5 38.00 10
11 44844 LeAnn Myhre/ Severn Sailing Association [13/DNC] 13/DNC 13/DNC 13/DNC 9 9 57.00 11
12 186519 Christine Potts/ Severn Sailing Association [13/DNC] 13/DNC 13/DNC 13/DNC 13/DNC 13/DNC 65.00 12


(1) Scoring System is ISAF Low Point 2013-2016
(2) Time limit expired (TLE) penalty is: Finishers plus 2
(3) Finishes in [brackets] denote throwouts

District 11 Championship and Sunshine Open

The Sunshine Open Regatta is coming up fast.  This regatta is also the District 11 Championship and the first regatta for SSA with the new Laser sails.  Registration is up on the severnsailing.org website and this coming Friday the 15th is not only the Tax deadline, but the deadline to avoid the late registration fee.  The reason I do this is so I can have a good handle on T-shirts and dinners.  So, make sure to register and pay before the 15th.  We have a great party lined up for Saturday night with fine Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes for dinner, a great band and a keg.  What better way to kick off the season?
We had a great Frostbite season this winter.  One of the best turnouts I’ve seen.  I still have a few Frostbite glasses to pass out to those of you who qualified by sailing in at least half of the days.  I know who you are and I will be down at SSA this Saturday celebrating opening day.  I’ll have the Frostbite glasses with me so track me down and get yours.

2015 District Championship Results

It still felt a bit like frostbiting – but make no mistake – it’s spring and Severn Sailing Association held their Sunshine Open that doubled as the District 11 Championship. 28 Standards and 16 Radials set out to do 4 races in cloudy conditions with temperatures in the 60s. Many sailors elected to wear their drysuits.

The forecast for Saturday was pretty dim – but with the RC out on the water seeing it fill in – the sailors were sent out pretty much on time where they would have 6-10 knots throughout the day.

Winning races on the first day in the standard fleet were Luke Shingledecker, Kevin Shockey (2)  and John Shockey.  The Radial fleet was tightly matched with Kim Couranz and Mike Schmidt trading races.

Saturday evening the sailors were treated to great meal and most hung around until the band shut the place down later in the evening.

Sunday morning the weather was a bit better with mostly sunny skies, a little warmer temperatures than Saturday and winds in the 8-11 range.  Racing was postponed a bit while Saturday’s scores were straightened out and 2 more races were sailed.

Congratulations to Luke Shingledecker winning his second Standard District Championship in a row.  And congratulations to Mike Schmidt on winning  his first Radial District Championship – Mike is the first sailor to have won both the Standard and Radial District Championship.

2015 Standard District Champions

2015 Radial District Champions

Standard Winners

1st: Luke Shingledecker
2nd: John MacCausland
3rd: Eric Reitinger
1st Junior: Phil Schofield
1st Woman: JuneRose Futcher

Radial Winners

1st: Mike Schmidt
2nd: Kim Couranz
3rd: Chase Carraway



2014 Laser District 11 Championship: Sunday

The final day of the Laser District 11 Championship was finished off on Sunday with 4 races for the Standards and 3 races for the Radials.  Luke Shingledecker (SSA) and Connor Bayless (AYC) are our 2014 Laser District 11 Champions!   The weather Sunday started out with a nice breeze 8-11 knots, patchy clouds and just a little current.

2014 D11 Standard Champions

Luke finished 1-3-1-1 to secure the title and put on a pretty commanding performance in each of the races.  Henry Amthor (HYC) had some consistent finishes to raise himself up from 8th on Saturday to 2nd overall on Sunday.  James Moran held on to a podium finish to end up 3rd.

2014 D11 Radial Champions

The radial fleet was a little more contested for the lead.  All regatta Conner and Jake Vickers (SSA) swapped places – both had 1-2-3 going into the final race.  As Conner and Jake were coming to their finish in the 4th race the Standards were starting and both crossed the line within inches from each other and blanketed by the Standards.  So both of them were awarded 1st place in the final race.  Since both had the same number of each place and the same finish in the last race, the tiebreaker was broken on the 2nd to last race and Conner got it.  Jake finished 2nd and Aaron Helmly (TAYC) finished 3rd.

Top Master was Luke Shingledecker.  Top woman was Dorian Haldeman and Top junior was Connor Bayless.

Thanks again to Tred Avon Yacht Club for hosting and to Mike Waters our PRO.

Complete Results

2014 Laser District 11 Championship: Saturday

Light winds and overcast skies greeted 31 sailors for the first day of the District 11 Championship being held at Tred Avon Yacht Club in Oxford Maryland.  James Moran (RYC) and Aaron Hemley (TAYC) both put up bullets to lead the Standard and Radial fleets respectively in the single shortened race on Saturday.

Results through day 1 are posted here.  Racing continues on Sunday.

2014 District 11 Championship Notice Of Race

This year the 2014 District 11 Championship for Standard and Radial Lasers will be held at Tred Avon Yacht Club on August 23-24. The District 11 Championship returns to the eastern shore of Maryland for the first time in 4 years and to TAYC for the first time in over 20 years (history).

Come sail on the tranquil waters of the Choptank at TAYC known for it’s Annual Oxford Regatta. TAYC is easy drive from most points in D11 including most of District 10 to the north. Not only will you get great racing, great race management by PRO Mike Waters, but you’ll get two continental breakfasts and a Saturday night crab cake dinner.  The first 40 to register get a regatta t-shirt!

All the info you need:

The District 11 annual meeting will be held in front of the club house as soon as practical following dinner on Saturday.

Any questions – let me know.  Hope to see you there!