2023 District 11 Championships

June 10-11, 2023 @ Gibson Island, MD

Please join us at Gibson Island for a 2023 ILCA-NA District 11 Championships, a 20 Point ILCA-NA Grand Prix Regatta! (See Grand Prix Rules for more details on the ILCA-NA Grand Prix.)

Entry fee includes a regatta pinnie and grilled-to-order burger and hot dog barbeque, after racing on June 10th. NOTE: competitors who complete a late entry (registrations submitted after May 10, 2023) are not guaranteed a regatta pinnie.

Register today… https://laser.org/regatta/G0hcggJiO5

pinnie template

ILCA Sunshine Open Results

Although there wasn’t much sunshine or breeze for SSA’s annual spring invitational, sponsored by ILCA Fleet 10 and US ONE- DESIGN, the smiling faces of 40 competitors made for a great weekend! Special thanks to the excellent RC work by Joe Friebele, Gary Jones and all of the volunteers at SSA. 

On the first day we managed 2 races in a northerly 3-4 knot breeze. Back on shore sailors enjoyed the fire pit and great eats from Botanas Fajardo. The sun even came out for a brief moment!

Thankfully, we had a little more breeze on Sunday and got in another two races to wrap up the event.

Top Competitors:


1st, Dave Waiting

2nd, James Jacob

3rd, Luke Shingledecker

4th, Craig Berleme

5th, Jon Deutsch


1st, Dorian Haldeman

2nd, Deniz Cirivello

3rd, Pam Corwin

4th, Bill Lawson

5th, Matt White

See the full results of both fleets.

See photos from the regatta here (day 1 and day 2).

2023 Capital City Regatta Results

Light air, cool temperatures and rainy conditions allowed for only 1 race in the 19-boat fleet on Saturday. Sunday conditions warmed up and allowed for 6 more races. Jon Deutsch and Laura Windecker were tied for the lead after the last race with the tiebreaker going to Jon. A well sailed early-season event and well run by Nabeel, Tyler and the rest of the folks at PRSA.

Regatta results last updated: Sunday, March 26, 2023 2:32:31 PM CDT
Click on race number to view detailed race information.

PosSail  Boat  SkipperYacht Club 1  2  3  4  5  6  7 TotalPos
1  159785  No Quarter  Jon Deutsch   Fishing Bay Yacht Club  4  3  [6]  1  2  4  1  15T  1  
2  167248    Laura Windecker   PRSA  2  4  2  4  1  [6]  2  15T  2  
3  144151  Chops  Thomas Hutton   PRSA  5  1  7  2  3  1  [8]  19  3  
4  156631    Eric Johnson   Severn Sailing Association  3  [10]  1  10  5  2  3  24  4  
5  220398    Michael Colbert   Severn Sailing Assoc.  [10]  2  5  3  6  3  7  26  5  
6  191498    Farley Will   PRSA  8  5  4  6  4  [9]  4  31  6  
7  178603    Tyler Phillips   Potomac River Sailing Association  [11]  7  3  5  7  5  5  32  7  
8  168421    Eliza Pearce   PRSA  [16/TLE]  6  8  7  9  8  10  48  8  
9  184519  Lounatic  LOUIS ANDORS   PRSA  6  8  10  9  8  [11]  9  50  9  
10  1  Barney  Eva Hogan   PRSA  [16/TLE]  9  12  11  10  7  6  55  10  
11  176978    MIKE LISS   PRSA  16/TLE  [21/DNS]  14  13  11  10  11  75  11  
12  209479    Lucie Rochat   PRSA  7  [21/DNS]  11  8  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  89  12  
13  196158    Thea Joseph   PRSA  16/TLE  [21/DNS]  13  12  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  104  13  
14  217593    James Jacob   Severn Sailing Association  1  [21/DNS]  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  106T  14  
15  175892    Brian Joseph   PRSA  13  [21/DNS]  9  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  106T  15  
16  177347  Snoopy  John Van Voorhis   PRSA  9  [21/DNF]  21/DNF  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  114  16  
17  180550    DAN MILLER   PRSA  12  [21/DNS]  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  117  17  
18  194508    Kevin Cowley   PRSA  14  [21/DNS]  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  119  18  
19  217190  Ballenero 2  Adrian Burde   PRSA  16/TLE  [21/DNS]  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  121  19  
20  116366    DAVE COUGHLIN   Huguenot YC  [21/DNC]  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  21/DNS  126  20  

Vote ILCA Rule Changes

Please Vote on ILCA 2022 Rule Changes: 
1 October – 31 October 2022

Starting this Saturday, 1 October, ALL active members in our district are invited to vote on the 2022 ILCA Rule Changes –  one vote per member. 

The voting period is 1 month — SATURDAY, 1 October to MONDAY, 31 October, 2022. To be counted you must vote by 31 October, Central Daylight Time. Results will be announced later in the autumn.

We invite all district members to please take a moment to click the link below and vote via a quick, 2-question online survey. 


Voting can also be accessed through a link on the ILCA website.

If you wish to preview the changes before voting, click to read Proposed 2022 Rule Changes.

Thank you for voting on this year’s rule changes. In this way ILCA can be certain the rules reflect the opinion of members around the world.

Executive Committee Election!

It’s time once again to formally elect the executive committee for ILCA North America. Chairman, Andy Roy and Treasurer, Eric Reitinger are stepping down. Both have served on the committee for over ten years and we need YOU to step up!

In accordance with our bylaws, nominations for positions on the committee will be open for the next 7 days: October 1-7, 2022. An additional seven-day period for campaigning and the posting of position papers will be October 10-16, 2022. District Secretaries will then vote to elect the 2022-2023 ILCA-NA Executive Committee on October 26-28, 2022.

Please email the ILCA-NA Office if you would like to serve on the ILCA-NA Executive Committee. You can review the roles as described in our bylaws (see Section 4.3 and 4.6).

2022 Crab Claw Regatta Results

The 2022 ILCA Crab Claw Regatta drew 44 participants to Severn Sailing Association this past weekend. There were a handful of past winners in attendance, including Lauren Pollak (2008), Kim Couranz (2011, 2017, 2018) and Kelly McMurray (2021) in the ILCA-6 fleet, as well as Jim Knab (2003), Bob Tan (2007), and James Jacob (2021) in the ILCA-7 fleet. 1997 champion Alden Shattuck made a surprise shore-side visit Sunday morning to catch up with old friends!

2022 Crab Claw Saturday
2022 Crab Claw Saturday

On the racing front, the wind gods did not cooperate on Saturday. PRO Steve Podlich and his team did a great job of getting one race completed in what one might describe as a sketchy southerly breeze. Sunday turned out much nicer with the wind again coming in from the south and fluctuating in velocity throughout the day, anywhere from 5-18 knots. Once again, the race committee work was flawless; they were able squeeze in a total of 5 races.

In the 15 boat ILCA-6 fleet, Brooke Bogdan secured the win with a very consistent scorecard (4,2,2,4,3) over 5 races. Coming in second place, just 4 points behind Brooke, was Dorian Haldeman. Matt White (21 points) took home the bronze.

The ILCA-7 fleet had 29 competitors. History repeated itself with a USNA midshipman taking top honors for the 13th time in the 51 year history of this regatta. The winner this year was senior Gavin McJones. He was in complete control, winning all six races by a fairly significant margin. The Crab Claw served as a tune up for Gavin who will be competing in the Carl Van Duyne MAISA Men’s Singlehanded Championships later this fall. Coming in second place was Luke Shingledecker (21 points). Fun Fact: this year marked the 21st anniversary of Luke’s first Crab Claw regatta (2002) in which he placed 3rd. Rounding out the top three was David Waiting (29 points).

-Ted Morgan, Photos by Scott Williamson, Robin Richards and Cathee Lee


SailorsSail NumberBoat NameClub/OrgNetTotalR1R2R3R4R5R6
1Gavin McJonesUSA 210539NoneNASS66111111
2Luke ShingledeckerUSA 220399NoneSevern Sailing Association2020332435
3David WaitingUSA 214620SpringbokSevern Sailing Association2929456374
4Henry FilterUSA 206106NoneSSA3434575863
5James JacobUSA 217593NoneSevern Sailing Association363610107252
6Ted MorganUSA 210619SEAFOODSSA45451694628
7Robert RobinsonUSA 177281NoneSevern Sailing Association5252214139410
8Bob TanUSA 211596NoneSevern Sailing Association5353861010811
9Kyle SwensonUSA 190462The Most Royal TurkeySevern Sailing Association5858141387106
10Scott WilliamsonUSA 220401NoneSevern Sailing Association717171935OCS – 307
11Benjamin PedrickUSA 196077NoneSevern Sailing Association767621212131315
12Rob EmmetUSA 209698NoneSevern Sailing Association8383112311151112
13Bruce EmpeyUSA 166870Tangled Up In BlueSevern Sailing Association868618816141614
14Mark HolwegerUSA 213962NoneSevern Sailing Association88882318181199
15William LawsonUSA 220389NoneSSA969664917DNF – 30DNC – 30
16Ken ManganoUSA 196141NoneEYC9999192023121213
17Jim KnabUSA 193965NoneRehoboth Bay Sailing Assoc.102102201214221717
18Steve MadonnaUSA 191454NoneMarsh Creek Sailing Club105105221520181416
19Jonah HattUSA 180810NoneNASS1141149172416OCS – 3018
20Steven CoferUSA 214625NoneSSA1201201721172015DNC – 30
21Carlos LinaresUSA 192031SambaSevern Sailing Association128128262519211819
22Mark SanfordUSA 212622NoneMarsh Creek Sailing Club136136131122DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30
23Jeffrey MooreUSA 191967CobiaSSA/SMSA136136151615DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30
24Jacy HaffUSA 181800NoneSevern Sailing Association152152DNF – 30222119DNC – 30DNC – 30
25Edward JohnUSA 200405NoneSSA15715725242523DNF – 30DNC – 30
26Joshua RaymondUSA 80347NoneSevern Sailing Association16216212DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30
27Bryan ReichUSA 198035NoneSevern Sailing Association17417424DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30
28Dave PettyUSA 173641NoneSevern Sailing Association180180DNF – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30
29Han HerderscheeNED 180319NoneSevern Sailing Association180180DNF – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30DNC – 30


SailorsSail NumberBoat NameClub/OrgNetTotalR1R2R3R4R5R6
1Brooke BogdanUSA 215441NoneSevern Sailing Association151542243
2Dorian HaldemanUSA 203955Mrs CobiaSevern Sailing Association191914356
3Matt WhiteUSA 220397NoneSSA212125167
4Deniz CirivelloUSA 220376NoneSevern Sailing Association232357425
5Christopher DraperUSA 212615NoneSevern Sailing Association2929DNC – 163811
6Kelly McMurrayUSA 212125NoneOCYC2929661034
7Pam CorwinUSA 189799NoneSevern Sailing Association343438788
8Natalie BurlsUSA 206135NoneSevern Sailing Association353599692
9Lauren PollakUSA 217185NoneSevern Sailing Association4444811979
10Kim CouranzUSA 194577NoneSevern Sailing Association5454DNF – 1615DNC – 16DNC – 16
11Christine PottsUSA 216592PonySSA5757DNF – 1610111010
12MK FowlerUSA 215722Little BlueSSA6666101212DNC – 16DNC – 16
13Koralina McKennaUSA 196065Femme FataleSevern Sailing Association71717DNC – 16DNC – 16DNC – 16DNC – 16
14Christopher J YoungUSA 200585NoneSSA8080DNC – 16DNC – 16DNC – 16DNC – 16DNC – 16
15Katherine MartinUSA 182928NoneSevern Sailing Association8080DNF – 16DNC – 16DNC – 16DNC – 16DNC – 16

PRSA Spring Regatta May 28-29

Save the date! With a day that feels like summer, it’s only appropriate to be thinking ahead to Memorial Day weekend. Don’t have plans yet? Good! Join PRSA for our Spring Regatta Sat. May 28 and Sun. May 29.

NOR and registration will be available next week.

All fleets – Lightnings, Flying Scots, Albacores, Buccaneers, I-20s, Lasers, Penguins, and multi-hulls – are welcome!

PRSA 2021-2022 Frostbite Final Cumulative Results

The middle part of the season was cold and on several Sundays there were no races due to ice.   The end of the season was breezy!

59 races in all, so it took 30 races to qualify (half of 59 rounded up) and your best 30 were averaged to calculate your score.

The top three were very tightly packed.  Laura Windecker passed Tom on the last day of racing to win the series.   And Farley tied Tom but won the tie breaker.   Poor Tom doing RC fell from 1st to 3rd.    The top five were rounded out with Brian Joseph in 4th and Jim Klein in 5th.   Congratulations all.

Race 1-59, best 30 averaged

PlSail #SailorAvg.1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132333435363738394041424344454647484950515253545556575859
1167248Laura Windecker2.2311(5)(5)1          31332545(9)(6)(9\DNS)2(9\OCS)       111111(9)45442122     1212
2498Farley Will2.33(6)11(7)111142321(8)          3(5)4  21334     31(5)33334(10\DNS)(10\DNS)     3131
3144151Tom Hutton2.34(5)22(5)(8)52211          333(12\DNS)232(6)534111     522221    11(9\DNS)21    
4209747Brian Joseph3.87(12)3(9)(7)(9)      6(11)(19)74(13\OCS)54(8)6(9)(12\DNF)774(8)(9\DNF)  5274323534      4(10\DNF)(10\DNS)(10\DNS)222322323
5829Jim Klein6.03(11)(12)(12)(9)(12)(9)(12)8(11)3678(22\DNS)(11)          579\DNS2467977(10)7(13)(15\DNS)(15\DNS)(10)77886(10\DNF)(10\DNF)(10\DNS)(10\DNS)3444447\DNS7\DNS6
6168421Jim Graham6.33(10)97(17)4(10)4(10)389(10)68(12)97999(12)       31465665877(15\DNS)          4369\DNS9\DNS    
78603Tyler Phillips6.9     (11)9610(11)(12)(15)(16)565911101178788               610875755310\DNS9\DNS5313    
8177347John Van Voorhis8.19106102673527          1012\DNF12\DNS12\DNS   12     724(15\DNS)(15\DNS)913\DNF13\DNF13\DNF13\DNF13\DNF10\DNF10\DNF10\DNS10\DNS         
9236Kaitlyn Lucey10.9715(17)(19)(18)(16)(16\DNF)14121312131449(22\DNS)               88811\DNS11\DNS1115\DNF15\DNS15\DNS15\DNS11813\DNF913\DNF13\DNF    579\DNS9\DNS9\DNS    
10176978Michael Liss12.07(20\DNS)(18)17161416\DNS1515151414    13\DNS101213\DNS1010         11\DNS11\DNS11\DNS811\DNS     13\DNS13\DNS13\DNS13\DNS13\DNS810\DNS10\DNS10\DNS3         
11206405Steen Byskov1.39#               1411112111111            2311121211         
12194937Len Guenther2#                              13222                        
13162301Michael Renda2#                     1223                                  
14166874Ethan Merril4.46#           29141237232    643                               
15126613Lloyd Leonard5.9#2788316\DNS3745322\DNS375622649    9\DNS69\DNS       45222                   
16216553Nabeel Alsalam6.44#14211364897984710413\DNF565745442                                  
17169503Nick Allen6.7#     524664          12\DNF12\DNS12\DNS4                                  
18194621Marc Carre8#6846112611121358141516864763712\DNF55                                  
19414Carlo Sdralevich8#8143410      1115129             43     915\DNS965          66559\DNS    
201Eva Hogan8#           22\DNS5617               11\DNS11\DNS495           63410\DNS     57\DNS7\DNS4
2136151Chris Bolton8#           1312422\DNF                         463475             
22217190Adrian Burde8.65#164141413      513218      66612\DNF   56     64315\DNS15\DNS7466613\DNF             
23140708Celeste Will9.1#     16\DNS13141416\DNF16\DNS                   75658               9\DNS819\DNS9\DNS7\DNS7\DNS7\DNS5
24194508Kevin Cowley9.2#711101320\DNS      91833788858                                      
25175118Lars Rathjen9.43#513151120\DNS      22\DNS11310                    36643                   
26550Dan Miller10.65#1315131287105810101101815                    8101015\DNS15\DNS                   
272023Dave Metcalf11.38#     3111397111822\RET1113                    15\DNF912515\DNS8513\DNF13\DNF13\DNF13\DNF             
285118YLewis11.4#                                   121111815\DNS                   
29892Jacob Donkersloot12.75#           1220172                                            
30187995Bob Bear13.6#                                   15\DNS15\DNS815\DNS15\DNS                   
31211158Greg Carlson14.36#1719181915          13\DNS13\DNS10111211                                      
32895Jolie Roetter16#           17171614                                            
333839AERORudy Hildado18.44#20\DNF16161520\DNS      161922\DNS22\DNS                                            

“#” = Not Qualified22-Mar-22, 07:16:18
St. Pete Scorer

Frostbite #11 Photos by Carlo Sdralevich

2022 Major North America Events

ILCA-NA has posted a list of major regattas in 2022. Some of which are qualifiers for the World Championships. Here’s what’s coming up in the next few months.

  • 19th Caribbean Midwinters, January 21-23 – Cabarete, Dominican Republic
  • Mexican ILCA National Qualifier, January 28-30 – Neuvo Vallarta, Mexico
  • Florida Masters, February 25-27 – Palm Beach Sailing Club (Palm Beach, FL, USA)
  • California Masters, February 25-27 – Mission Bay Yacht Club (San Diego, CA, USA)
  • Masters Midwinters East, March 1-4 – US Sailing Center – Martin County (Jensen Beach, FL, USA)
  • Midwinters East Championships, March 9-13 (30 GP Points / Qualifier for the 2023 ILCA World Championships) – St. Petersburg Yacht Club (St. Petersburg, FL)
  • Midwinters West Championships, March 24-27 (30 GP Points / Qualifier for the World Sailing 2022 Youth Championships) – California Yacht Club (Marina Del Rey, CA, USA)

And the complete list at: https://laser.org/calendar