District 11 Championship Week

This week is District 11 Championship Week. Our district 11 championship
will be held at West River Sailing Club, in Galesville, Maryland on Sept. 12-13th. There should be a great turnout and of good time is planned. Register on-line by the following link: http://www.laserdistrict11.org/championship or
www.regattanetwork.com/clubs/wrsc.php If you have any questions call or
email Roger Link (410) 867-4097 days, (410) 867-3007 evenings, or

About 30 sailors have already signed up and many more are expected. There
are already enough entrants in the Radial class for a separate start.*

A few housekeeping notes about this weekend:
1. I am unable to attend due to a family wedding this weekend. I am sorry I will have to miss it. Have a great time.
2. Somebody please take a photo of the winners after the awards are handed out.
3. Ted Morgan is trophy chairman and (reigning champion) and will bring and keep the D11 trophy
4. We will not be having the D11 Annual meeting this weekend. It will be held at the Crab Claw Regatta at SSA on 9/26 immediately following dinner.
5. For anyone who is there, if you can email me a couple updates in the morning or afternoon, I would love to be able to tweet something @laserdistrict11. Bonus points for sending camera phone pictures of laser rigging, people eating, awards, etc. jon@laserdistrict11.org
6. The District 11 Championship has been tentatively scheduled to be held at Corsica River Yacht Club in 2011. The date will likely be in May or June and has not been decided. That will be completed before the general club scheduling season in November.

*I believe 8 entrants are required in order for LaserPeformance Grand Prix
points to be awarded.

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