D11 Florida Masters Week Results

A number of District 11 sailors had a good showing and a great time at Florida Masters Week.  Most sailed 3 masters events over the last 9 days.

The beginning of the week started out with the Florida Masters at Palm Beach Sailing Club.

From District 11 in the 58-boat fleet were:

  • 2 John Bertrand (AYC)
  • 23 Alden Shattuck (SSA)
  • 26 Bob Tan (SSA)
  • 33 Jacques Kerrest
  • 37 Len Guenther (FBYC)
  • 39 Adam Glass (SSA)
  • 46 Jeff Caruso (AYC/SSA)

Florida Masters Results

The middle of the week was filled with the Laser Masters Midweek Madness Regatta also at Palm Beach Sailing Club.

Most of the same District 11 suspects were present (42 boats):

  • 8 Bob Tan (SSA)
  • 25 Len Guenther (FBYC)
  • 26 Jacques Kerrest
  • 35 Adam Glass (SSA)

Laser Masters Midweek Madness Results

The week ended with the 3-day Laser Masters Midwinters East Regatta.  Those already down there for the week were joined by a few other District-11 area sailors coming down to sail this regatta, do some training during the week and then sail in the open Laser Midwinters East regatta starting on Thursday.

The regatta started out with light winds and 2 races on Friday.  A little more wind and a little more racing was done on Saturday with the 71-boat fleet getting in 3 races.  No wind on Sunday and the results stood from the day before.

  • 3 John Bertrand (AYC)
  • 18 Alden Shattuck (SSA)
  • 21 Bob Tan (SSA)
  • 23 Ted Morgan (SSA)
  • 25 Jay Vann (HYC)
  • 39 Len Guenther (FBYC)
  • 49 David Sliom (SSA)
  • 65 Adam Glass (SSA)

Laser Masters Midwinters East Results (pdf)

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